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Pitt Ford’s Problem-Based Learning in Endodontology 

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Pitt Ford’s Problem-Based Learning in Endodontologycombines the theory and practice of endodontics, providing thereader with information that is both clinically relevant toeveryday practice and also evidence based.

It includes a wealth of cases that span topics such as themaintenance of a vital pulp, root canal treatment, surgicalendodontics and trauma. Each case is accompanied by full colourphotographs and/or radiographs that illustrate the key stages indiagnosis, treatment planning, treatment and prognosis. Inaddition, the detailed commentary provides information on viablealternative treatment strategies, rationale (biologicconsiderations) for the treatment described, evaluation of thecurrent evidence for/against the course of treatment and finallythe prognosis.

The book allows the reader to apply their existing knowledge toa range of clinical scenarios and to gain new knowledge and applyit to further clinical situations. In addition the reader will beencouraged to transfer knowledge and diagnostic skills from oneproblem to another and guided to improve their self-directedlearning and reflective skills.


List of contributors.

Section 1 Aetiology and Diagnosis.

Case 1.1 Microbiology of primary periapical periodontitis(José F. Siqueira Jr and Isabela N.Rôças).

Case 1.2 Chronic periapical periodontitis (Domenico Ricucci).

Case 1.3 Chronic periapical periodontitis withsuppuration (Domenico Ricucci).

Case 1.4 Chronic periapical periodontitis with anextraoral sinus (Philip Mitchell).

Case 1.5 Periodontial-endodontic lesions (Markus Haapasalo and Hanna Haapasalo).

Section 2 Non-odontogenic Pain.

Case 2.1 The management of musculoskeletal pain(Dermot Canavan and John Lordan).

Case 2.2 The management of neurovascular pain (Dermot Canavan and John Lordan).

Case 2.3 The management of neuropathic pain (Dermot Canavan and John Lordan).

Section 3 Apexification and Maintenance of Pulp Vitality.

Case 3.1 Apexification (Shanon Patel).

Case 3.2 Apexogenesis (Shanon Patel).

Case 3.3 Pulp capping in a mature tooth (Henry Duncan).

Case 3.4 Cracked tooth syndrome (Shanon Patel).

Case 3.5 Emergency treatment of a complicated crownfracture (Markus Haapasalo).

Section 4 Endodontic Treatment.

Case 4.1 Treatment planning (Henry Duncan).

Case 4.2 Instrumentation of the root canal system(Edgar Schäfer).

Case 4.3 Local anaesthestic failure in endodontics.

Case 4.4 Disinfection of the root canal system (Shanon Patel).

Case 4.5 Working length determination (Bhavin Bhuva).

Case 4.6 Obturation of the root canal system (Henry Duncan and Shalini Kanagasingam).

Section 5 Management of Failure and Complications During Treatment.

Case 5.1 Post-treatment periapical periodontitis(secondary infection) (David Figdor).

Case 5.2 Sodium hypochlorite accident (Bhavin Bhuvaand Steven Williams).

Case 5.3 Non-surgical perforation repair (Shanon Pateland Shalini Kanagasingam).

Case 5.4 Surgical management of a perforation (Philip Mitchell).

Case 5.5 Management of separated endodontic instruments(Henry Duncan and Ya Shen).

Case 5.6 Endodontic microsurgery (Sam Kratchman and Syngcuk Kim).

Case 5.7 Vertical root fracture (Markus Haapasalo).

Case 5.8 Non-surgical re-treatment of complex anatomycases (Stephen Niemczyk).

Section 6 Restoration of the Endodontically Treated Tooth.

Case 6.1 Discoloured non-vital tooth (Shanon Patel).

Case 6.2 Restoration of an endodontically treatedposterior tooth (Shanon Patel).

Case 6.3 Restoration of a root-treated tooth with apostretained crown (Bhavin Bhuva and Francesco Mannocci).

Section 7 Trauma.

Case 7.1 Concussion and subluxation (Leif K.Bakland).

Case 7.2 Lateral luxation (Shanon Patel and Conor Durack).

Case 7.3 Intrusive luxation (Leif K. Bakland).

Case 7.4 Avulsion (Leif K. Bakland).

Case 7.5 Root fracture (Leif K. Bakland).

Section 8 Root Resorption.

Case 8.1 External cervical resorption (Shanon Pateland Conor Durack).

Case 8.2 Internal root resorption (Conor Durack and Shanon Patel).

Über den Autor

Shanon Patel is a specialist in endodontics; his time is divided between working in specialist referral practice in London, and teaching in the Endodontic Postgraduate Unit at King’s College London Dental Institute where he is involved in the training of future specialists. He has published over 20 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, written 2 book chapters, co-authored the textbook Principles of Endodontics and is completing a PhD assessing the applications of Cone Beam CT in endodontics.Henry F Duncan is a lecturer and consultant in endodontics at Dublin Dental University Hospital, Trinity College Dublin coordinating teaching, clinical delivery of treatment and research in endodontics. He has published extensively and is currently undergoing a PhD assessing the influence of epigenetics and bio-inductive materials on vital pulp treatment.
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