Sinead Keeney & Hugh McKenna 
The Delphi Technique in Nursing and Health Research 

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The Delphi Technique in Nursing and Health Research is a practical guide to using the Delphi methodology for students and researchers in nursing and health. It adopts a logical step-by-step approach, introducing the researcher to the Delphi, outlining its development, analysing key characteristics and parameters for its successful use and exploring its applications in nursing and health. The book addresses issues of methodology, design, framing the research question, sampling, instrumentation, methodological rigour, reliability and validity, and methods of data analysis.

The Delphi Technique in Nursing and Health Research enables the reader to be aware of the limitations of the technique and possible solutions, to design a Delphi questionnaire for each of the different rounds of a study, to consider different approaches to the technique in relation to a study, to analyse the data from each round of a Delphi study, and to understand the importance of feedback between rounds.

Key Features
* A practical guide to facilitate use of the Delphi technique
* Provides the reader with the necessary information to participate in and conduct Delphi studies
* Examines different types of Delphi, including the e-Delphi, and modifications made to the technique
* Includes examples of real empirical investigations, brief case scenarios and key learning points for each chapter
* Explores the role of the Delphi researcher
* Explores ethical issues and issues of anonymity, use of experts and controlled feedback




1 The Delphi Technique.

2 Debates, Criticisms and Limitations of the Delphi.

3 Applications of the Delphi in Nursing and Health Research.

4 How to Get Started with the Delphi Technique.

5 Conducting the Research Using the Delphi Technique.

6 Analysing Data from a Delphi and Reporting Results.

7 Reliability and Validity.

8 Ethical Considerations.

10 A Modified Delphi Case Study.

11 e-Delphi Case Study.

Annotated Bibliography.



Über den Autor

Dr Sinead Keeney is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Nursing Research at the University of Ulster.

Felicity Hasson is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Nursing Research at the University of Ulster.

Professor Hugh McKenna is Dean of the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at the University of Ulster.
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