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Part I. Frege.- Patricia Blanchette - Frege on Mathematical Progress.- Jaakko Hintikka - Identity in Frege’s Shadow.- Danielle Macbeth - Frege and the Aristotelian Model of Science.- Matthias Schirn – On the Nature, Status and Proof of Hume’s Principle in Frege’s Logicist Project.- Part II. Russell.- Derek Brown - A study in deflated acquaintance knowledge: Sense-datum theory and perceptual constancy.- Gregory Landini - Whitehead versus Russell.- James Levine - The Place of Vagueness in Russell’s Philosophical Development.- Bernard Linsky - Propositional Logic from The Principles of Mathematics to Principia Mathematica.- Part III. Wittgenstein.- Sorin Bangu -Projections, Behavioral Regularities and Rule-following:  Later Wittgenstein on the Logicist Definition of Number.- Sébastien Gandon - Wittgenstein’s color exclusion problem and Johnson’s doctrine of determinable.- Brice Halimi - The Concept of “Essential” General Validity in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.- Charles Mc Carty & David Fisher - Reconstructing a Logic from Tractatus: Wittgenstein’s Variables and Formulae.- Gheorghe Ştefanov - Justifying Knowledge Claims after the Private Language Argument.- Part IV. Carnap.- Otávio Bueno - Carnap, Logicism, and Ontological Commitment.- Greg Lavers - Frege the Carnapian and Carnap the Fregean.- Thomas Meier - On the Interconnections between Carnap, Kuhn, and Structuralist Philosophy of Science­.- Part V. Various Echoes.- Marco Panza - Abstraction and Epistemic Economy.- Graham Priest - Torn by Reason: Lukasiewicz on the Principle of Non-Contradiction.- Iulian Toader - Weyl's Criticism of Dedekind on Belief: A Case for Normative Pluralism.
Herausgegeben von Sorin Costreie
This volume discusses some crucial ideas of the founders of the analytic philosophy: Gottlob Frege, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein, or the ‘golden trio’. The book shows how these ‘old’ ideas are still present and influential in the current philosophical debates and to what extent these debates echo the original ideas. The collection aim is twofold: to better understand these fruitful ideas by placing them in the original setting, and to systematically examine these ideas in the context of the current debates animating philosophical discussions today.  Divided into five sections, the book first sets the stage and offers a general introduction to the background influences, as well as delimitations of the initial foundational positions. This first section contains two papers dedicated to the discussion of realism and the status of science at that time, followed by two papers that tackle the epistemic status of logical laws. The next three sections constitute the core of the volume, each being dedicated to the most important figures in the early analytic tradition: Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein. The last section gathers several essays that discuss either the relation between two or more analytic thinkers, or various important concepts such as ‘predicativism’ and ‘arbitrary function’, or the principles of abstraction and non-contradiction.​
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