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How to Use This Book xiii Foreword: Men at Prayer xv Introduction xix Part IThe Purpose of Prayer in Judaism and Its Structure: Praise, Petition, and More 1Becoming a Prayerful Person 4Does God Hear Prayer? 6Tefillah/Script 12The Technology of Prayer 14Prayer as Art 15The Essence of Prayer in Jewish Tradition 17Prayer 20Who Can't Pray 26Part IIWords from the Heart 29Yearning for God 31Guidance for How to Live 85A Man's Role 141Our Physical Lives 175Grief 203Protection 230Gratitude 264Legacy 297Acknowledgments 329About the Contributors 331Credits 339Index of Contributors 350Index of First Lines 353
Herausgegeben von Stuart M. Matlins & Kerry Olitzky
A celebration of Jewish men's voices in prayer—to strengthen, to heal, to comfort, to inspire from the ancient world up to our own day.'An extraordinary gathering of men—diverse in their ages, their lives, their convictions—have convened in this collection to offer contemporary, compelling and personal prayers. The words published here are not the recitation of established liturgies, but the direct address of today's Jewish men to ha-Shomea Tefilla, the Ancient One who has always heard, and who remains eager to receive, the prayers of our hearts.'—from the Foreword by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, DHLThis collection of prayers celebrates the variety of ways Jewish men engage in personal dialogue with God—with words of praise, petition, joy, gratitude, wonder and even anger—from the ancient world up to our own day.Drawn from mystical, traditional, biblical, Talmudic, Hasidic and modern sources, these prayers will help you deepen your relationship with God and help guide your journey of self-discovery, healing and spiritual awareness. Together they provide a powerful and creative expression of Jewish men’s inner lives, and the always revealing, sometimes painful, sometimes joyous—and often even practical—practice that prayer can be.Jewish Men Pray will challenge your preconceived ideas about prayer. It will inspire you to explore new ways of prayerful expression, new paths for finding the sacred in the ordinary and new possibilities for understanding the Jewish relationship with the Divine. This is a book to treasure and to share.
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