The Angels 
Second Coming Of The Bible From Hell 

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The Angels have been commanded to rewrite the story of the Creation, the Universe, and Everything. But how could humans – trapped as they are in their world of inconsequential and ephemeral trivia – be induced to engage with the story? The answer was bold, radical, and innovative: they would be invited to participate in the re-write. To turn this fantastic idea into reality, a Holy Helpdesk was set up to receive communications from any human, regardless of their historical or geographical location. The idea was simple, and perfectly attuned to a world now placing so much value on connecting, communicating, and sharing. What could possibly go wrong? An Angel, chosen to introduce the book, decides to establish some common ground by setting out the realities of the Universe in which humans exist. But as she proceeds, she begins to suspect that comprehending reality, for humans, might not be an option. The Angels on the Holy Helpdesk take up the narrative. They are ready and eager to engage humans in a dialogue. But they immediately find themselves under siege by the mockers, the cynics, the nutters, and the just plain barmy. There are questions about the Apocalypse, war, building your own Ark, bagpipes, over-population, sex, sin, credit cards, heaven, hell, floods, plagues, frogs, road humps, love, Morris dancing, snakes – and many other things besides. At first it seems that the task of rewriting the story of the Creation, the Universe, and Everything, will prove impossible. But the Angels doggedly hold their own, fending off the questioners like experienced batters fending off a succession of demon bowlers. This book will make you laugh, and make you think. It will take you to places you didn’t expect to go, and in so doing, reveal that everything you thought you knew was an illusion.
Format EPUB ● Seiten 152 ● ISBN 9780995740921 ● Verlag Miracle Publications ● Erscheinungsjahr 2017 ● herunterladbar 3 mal ● Währung EUR ● ID 5856033 ● Kopierschutz Adobe DRM
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