Uziel Sandler & Lev Tsitolovsky 
Neural Cell Behavior and Fuzzy Logic 
The Being of Neural Cells and Mathematics of Feeling

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This book covers at an advanced level the most fundamental ideas, concepts and methods in the field of applications of fuzzy logic to the study of neural cell behavior. Motivation and awareness are examined from a physiological and biochemical perspective illustrating fuzzy mechanisms of complex systems.



The being of neural cells.- The operation of memory (a single neuron can learn).- The verve of injured neurons (a single neuron tries to survive).- Subjective nature of motivation (a single neuron can want).- Goal-directed actions (a single neuron can behave).- Death as an awareness-rising factor (a single neuron can suffer and delight).- Mathematics of feeling.- to fuzzy logic.- Evolution of Perceptions.- Fuzzy dynamics of a neuronal behavior.- Conclusion: Is real neuron a primary fuzzy unit?.

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About the authors:

Uziel Sandler is a professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics at Jerusalem College of Technology in Israel. Dr. Sandler is an expert in nonlinear properties and critical behavior of condensed matter, evolutionary computations, and fuzzy sets theory. He has published two books and more than 70 academic articles in scientific journals, and is a member in several worldwide committees in the aforementioned fields.

Professor Lev E.Tsitolovsky is a senior researcher in the Life Science Department of Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He is a renowned expert in the fields of thorough mechanisms of learning, memory , and motivation , and has published over 100 scientific papers and reviews on these topics. Recently, his discovery of excitable membrane plasticity anticipated modern development in this area.
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