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ABC of Epilepsy 

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ABC of Epilepsy provides a practical guide for generalpractitioners, and all those working in primary care, on thediagnosis, treatment and management of epilepsy, and for thecontinued monitoring and long term support of what is still arelatively poorly understood neurological disorder.

This brand new title in the ABC series is highlyillustrated throughout and presents what epilepsy is, itsclassification, and how to diagnose it. It covers anti-epilepticdrugs and non-drug treatments, as well as self-management andliving with epilepsy.

Edited by a general practitioner and neurologist team, the ABC of Epilepsy reflects current NICE guidelines and isideal for all GPs, primary health care professionals, practicenurses and specialist nurses, and non-specialist medical staff whoplay an increasing role in monitoring and managing of epilepsypatients.


Contributors, vii

Foreword, ix

Preface, xi

1 What is Epilepsy? Incidence, Prevalence and Aetiology, 1
W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker

2 Describing and Classifying the Condition, 4
Colin D. Ferrie and Matthew C. Walker

3 Making the Diagnosis – Taking a History, Clinical Examination, Investigations, 9
Jan Bagshaw, Matthew C. Walker, Colin D. Ferrie, Mike P. Kerrand W. Henry Smithson

4 Managing the Drug Treatment of Epilepsy, 14
Colin D. Ferrie, Mike P. Kerr, W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C.Walker

5 Non-drug Treatments Including Epilepsy Surgery, 18
Colin D. Ferrie, W. Henry Smithson and Matthew C. Walker

6 Prolonged or Repeated Seizures, 21
Matthew C. Walker

7 Special Groups – Women, Children, Learning Disability and the Elderly, 23
Jan Bagshaw, Colin D. Ferrie and Mike P. Kerr

8 Monitoring and Review – How to Manage the Condition Long Term, 27
Colin D. Ferrie, Alice Hanscomb and Mike P. Kerr

9 Living with Epilepsy – Information, Support and Self-Management, 30
Alice Hanscomb and W. Henry Smithson

Appendix: Epilepsy Charities, 34

Index, 35

Über den Autor

W. Henry Smithson is a General Practitioner and Acting Head, Academic Unit of Primary Medical Care, Medical School, Universityof Sheffield

Matthew C. Walker is Professor of Neurology, UCLInstitute of Neurology, University College London and NationalHospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London
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