Wang Yanmei 
Wang Yanmei on Anus and Intestinal Tracts 

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Cover von Wang Yanmei: Wang Yanmei on Anus and Intestinal Tracts (ePUB)
This is a popular introduction of anus and intestinal tract diseases based on the author’s clinical experience and medical theories of Western and Chinese medicine. Main chapters: In Control: Anus; The Second Brain: Large Intestine; Unsung Heroes: Intestinal Probiotics; Early Warning Messenger for the Intestinal Tracts: Faeces; Non-disease: Haemorrhoids; Constant Pain: Anal Fissure; Deep-rooted Infection: Perianal Abscess; The Mice that Steals the Faeces: Anal Fistula; Two-way Isobaric Drainage: A New Concept of Treating Anal Fistula; Anorectal Neuropathy: Anal Sinusitis, etc.
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