Wei-Cheng Tian & Erin Finehout 
Microfluidics for Biological Applications 

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Microfluidics for Biological Applications provides researchers and scientists in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and life science industries with an introduction to the basics of microfluidics and also discusses how to link these technologies to various biological applications at the industrial and academic level. Readers will gain insight into a wide variety of biological applications for microfluidics.

The material presented here is divided into four parts, Part I gives perspective on the history and development of microfluidic technologies, Part II presents overviews on how microfluidic systems have been used to study and manipulate specific classes of components, Part III focuses on specific biological applications of microfluidics: biodefense, diagnostics, high throughput screening, and tissue engineering and finally Part IV concludes with a discussion of emerging trends in the microfluidics field and the current challenges to the growth and continuing success of the field.



to Microfluidics.- Materials and Microfabrication Processes for Microfluidic Devices.- Interfacing Microfluidic Devices with the Macro World Abstract.- Genetic Analysis in Miniaturized Electrophoresis Systems.- Microfluidic Systems for Protein Separations.- Microfluidic Systems for Cellular Applications.- Microfluidic Systems for Engineering Vascularized Tissue Constructs.- High Throughput Screening Using Microfluidics.- Microfluidic Diagnostic Systems for the Rapid Detection and Quantification of Pathogens.- Microfluidic Applications in Biodefense.- Current and Future Trends in Microfluidics within Biotechnology Research.
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