Xu Zhimo 
Love Letters for Mei 
Collection of Xu Zhimo’s Diaries and Letters

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Love Letters for Mei is compiled by Lu Xiaoman based on the diaries written by her and Xu Zhimo and letters written by Xu Zhimo in 1825, so as to commemorate the Xu Zhimo’s 40th birthday. Diaries of Xu Zhimo are compiled by Lu Xiaoman, so as to commemorate the Xu Zhimo’s 50th birthday. These diaries and letters truly and vividly elaborate the emotional experience of the two persons from meeting each other and knowing each other to getting married. There is an aspiration of breaking through numerous barriers and pursuing liberation of personality of a young man and a young woman. The words are elegant and beautiful, and the emotion is forthright and sincere. Therefore, the book is always beloved by the readers. In addition, we have also selected and added some commemorative articles, and attached a chronicle of Xu Zhimo. All the articles selected for this book are based on Collected Works of Xu Zhimo (Taiwanese Edition) compiled by Jiang Fucong and Liang Shiqiu, the original of which is compiled with the help of Ms. Zhang Youyi, Xu Zhimo’s ex-wife, and his friends. The literal data is sought from the libraries of various universities in USA by Xu Jikai, the only child of Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi with the purpose of "Keeping and handing down the documents".
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