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Diana de Gunzburg 
Moonstone Legacy Trilogy 

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Cover of Diana de Gunzburg: Moonstone Legacy Trilogy (ePUB)

As the title suggests, The Moonstone Legacy picks up the challenge of the last line of the famous Victorian novel by Wilkie Collins – "What will be the next adventure of the Moonstone? Who can tell?" The trilogy dives headlong into a compelling family saga as fourteen year-old Lizzy Abercrombie’s mother dies in a tragic accident on the full moon. But was it really an accident? Lizzy discovers that her death may be linked to a mysterious family curse. Determined to find the truth, her quest takes her to the Temple of the Moon in India, where she uncovers the terrible past of her ancestor George Abercrombie. But even as she discovers that the curse was just an old wives’ tale, the real truth puts her in mortal danger from a succession of ruthless enemies, culminating in a showdown at One World, a sinister spiritual theme park in the desert of Almeria in southern Spain."Hugely enjoyable", "most entertaining and enlightening", "educational", and "excellent". These are some of the words used by many reviewers (who include William Dalrymple and Michael Morpurgo) to describe The Moonstone Legacy trilogy. And those are just the words beginning with ‘e’. The trilogy defies categorisation – part East/West epic, part historical fiction, part family saga, part mystery adventure, part spiritual exploration and part science fiction, this fascinating multi-faceted book appeals to readers of all ages, colours and creeds, and has them"gripped to the pages" as they follow Lizzy Abercrombie, the young heroine, through her exciting adventures towards the trilogy’s breathtakingly cosmic conclusion.Themes of gender equality and religious tolerance seamlessly meld with explorations of beliefs, multiculturalism and the nature of the universe as this sizzling page-turner literally plays out under the waxing and waning of the moon AA- uniquely, every one of its hundred and seventy chapters shows the exact phase of the moon during which events take place.Praise for the Moonstone Legacy Trilogy Anja C Andersen, Professor of Dark Cosmology, University of Copenhagen " ‘Why is the universe so suited to life?’ In successfully dramatising this compelling question, The Moonstone Legacy takes the reader on a thrilling voyage of mind and imagination, yet at the same time keeps us firmly rooting for our brave, funny and funky heroine through all her terrifying ordeals." Michael Berkeley, presenter of BBC Radio 3’s "Private Passions""A compulsive and entertaining read with gripping modulations every few bars. Hugely enjoyable." Susyn Blair-Hunt, Ms D (Doctor of Metaphysics), Psychic, Astrologer, "The Moonstone Legacy is the most entertaining and enlightening book I’ve read in years! It speaks to all of us on a deep and resounding level, reawakening the childlike wonder and unfettered courage we should all live our lives by. If you read nothing else this year, the transformational power of The Moonstone Legacy is a must!" Praise for Book One, The Moonstone Legacy William Dalrymple"A most ingenious and imaginative sequel to my favourite Victorian novel." Michael Morpurgo"A compelling East-West adventure takes us from the Temple of the Moon on the remote coast of Gujarat, India, to an Anglo-Indian mansion on the Yorkshire moors. A sumptuous saga with an exciting cliff-hanger ending." "Book of the Month" "Beginning where Wilkie Collins’ classic left off, it’s hard to believe The Moonstone Legacy is a debut for the quality of the writing is exceptional and has a real timeless quality about it. The story itself is a terrific mix of mysterious quest and compelling family saga that visits the cultures of both East and West…you will be utterly gripped to the pages."
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Format EPUB ● Pages 559 ● ISBN 9781783016310 ● Publisher Wild Publishing ● Published 2015 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 5762992 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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