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Diane Katz 
Win at Work! 
The Everybody Wins Approach to Conflict Resolution

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Proven techniques for resolving workplace conflicts

After years of seeing clients struggling and their businessessuffering with destructive conflicts, Diane Katz developed The Working Circle, a step-by-step process that helps everyone inbusiness resolve conflict in a non-confrontational, creative, collaborative way.

Win at Work! provides you with a no-nonsense guide basedon real-life examples of people at pivotal points in their careers.Filled with practical wisdom, it reveals how you can move aroundthe roadblocks that, if left unattanded, can stop you in yourtracks. Win at Work! also helps those of us who areuncomfortable with conflict, giving them tools for solving problemsin a nonconfrontational manner. This essential guide

* Offers a proven step-by-step process for conflictresolution
* Deals with complex business questions about independence, moralvalues, face-saving, goal-setting, and leadership
* Provides easy language for talking through problems andreaching a relatively painless outcome

Putting aside simple band-aid solutions, Win at Work! isyour proven resource for the kind of long-term team-building thatultimately makes the difference in business and organizationalsuccess.
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Table of Content

Introduction Conflict at Work ix


Chapter 1 The Power of the Circle in Conflict Resolution 3

Chapter 2 The Working Circle’s Eight Key Questions 31


Chapter 3 What’s Your Conflict Resolution Style? 51


Chapter 4 Challenge 1: Ask Your Manager for the Raise You Deserveor ”Be Happy You Have a Job”? 65

Chapter 5 Challenge 2: Deal with Your Partner or Allow Him/Herto Continue Causing Chaos? 81

Chapter 6 Challenge 3: Speak Up about What’s Happening or Remain Silent? 97

Chapter 7 Challenge 4: Mediate or Take a Side? 111

Chapter 8 Challenge 5: Deal with a Client’s Anger or Allow Him/Her to Continue Shouting? 135

Chapter 9 Challenge 6: Get Your Boss Off Your Back or Continueto Be Micromanaged? 151

Chapter 10 Challenge 7: Stand Up to the Bully or Don’t Make Waves? 169

Chapter 11 Challenge 8: Manage That Troublemaker or Let Him/Her Continue to Stir Up Trouble? 187

Chapter 12 Teaching Others Without Being a Teacher: Introducing The Working Circle at Work 205

Epilogue ”Working the Circle” as You Advance Your Career 217

Sources 221

Acknowledgments 227

Index 229

About the author

Diane L. Katz, PhD, has a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Columbia University and a PhD in conflict resolution from Union Institute. Diane’s consulting company, The Working Circle, provides organizational development, human resources, team building, training, coaching, and Diane’s own unique eight-step process. Clients of The Working Circle represent service companies, such as manufacturing, construction, technology, health care, government, and nonprofits.
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