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E. L. Jefferson 
Faces of Evil 

Adobe DRM
Cover of E. L. Jefferson: Faces of Evil (ePUB)
Coming face to face with evil is a horrifying thing. Evil will lie in wait, scheming and manipulating the perfect opportunity to attack its chosen prey: YOU. The assault will always occur when you are at your most vulnerable. The true nature of evil is that its many disguises blind you to its presence. True evil knows you far better than you know yourself, so it gains your absolute devotion. When it attacks, you are paralyzed with dread because it was the companion you least expected to turn on you. It was the one you trusted above all others. The real horror strikes when you realize that evil’s touch has always been with you.This anthology will show you depravities so vile they will shock you to the core of your being. You will face brutality so vicious you will be ashamed to claim membership in the human race. Even more appalling, you will realize that most of humanity doesn’t care about evil-until it touches them. After reading this book, you too will know what it’s like to be confronted by evil.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781662911798 ● Publisher Gatekeeper Press ● Published 2021 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 8067341 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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