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Introduction, C.A. Speight and A. Mac Lachlan.- Part I: What is War? What is Peace?.- Truce! N. Eisikovits.- Peace-less Reconciliation, A. Biletzki.-  Heidegger and Gandhi on Conflict, G. Fried.- Basic Challenges for Governance in Emergencies, F. Tanguay-Renaud.- Part II: Framing Responsibilities, At War’s End: Clashing Visions and the Need for Reform, B. Orend.- Is there an obligation to rebuild? P. Robinson.- Political Reconciliation, Responsibility and Grudge-Informers, C. Murphy.- Part III: The Shape of Reconciliation.- Freedom in the Grounding of Transitional Justice, A. Wingo.- President Clinton’s Apology for Rwanda, L.Tirrell.- Government Apologies to Indigenous Peoples, A. Mac Lachlan.- The Expressive Burden of Reparations: Putting Meaning into Words, Money, and Things, M.U. Walker.​
edited by Alice MacLachlan & Allen Speight
What are the moral obligations of participants and bystanders during—and in the wake of –a conflict?  How have theoretical understandings of justice, peace and responsibility changed in the face of contemporary realities of war? Drawing on the work of leading scholars in the fields of philosophy, political theory, international law, religious studies and peace studies, the collection significantly advances current literature on war, justice and post-conflict reconciliation.  Contributors address some of the most pressing issues of international and civil conflict, including the tension between attributing individual and collective responsibility for the wrongs of war, the trade-offs made between the search for truth and demands for justice, and the conceptual intricacies of coming to understand just what is meant by ‘peace’ and ‘conflict.’ Individual essays also address concrete topics including the international criminal court, reparations,  truces, political apologies, truth commissions and criminal trials, with an eye to contemporary examples from conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and North and South America.​
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