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The Logos of Life as the Carrier of Beingness.- Self-Individuation: Beingness and~Embodiment.- The Interrogative Mode of the Logos of~Life And its Disclosure of the Universal Logos.- The Emergence of The Logos of Life In its Constructive Elan.- The Logos of Life as Sentience.- The Logos of Life In The Ontic Virtualities And Devices of Life’S Individualization.- Ontopoiesis–The Proto-Ontic Self-Individualization of Beingness In Life in the New Critique of Reason.- Understanding Life Through Its Origins.- Differentiation and Attractive Coherence In The Self-Individualizing Life-Process.- Measure, Proportion, Valuation, And~Truth~As~Their~Vortex.- The Life-Positional Horizons of Beingness and their Orbits.- Transcendentalism Revisited.- Embodiment as the Generative Guideline of~Beingness-In-Becoming.- The Passions of the Earth.- The Transformation of Sense.- The Human Soul in the Cosmos and the Cosmos in the Human Soul.- The Human Condition’s Opening of~Life-Transcending Horizons.- The Horizon of the Spirit—The Second Birth of the Human Being in the Moral Sense.- The Moral Sense and the Origin of~Conscience.- The Specifically Human Kairic Timing of~Life: Freedom And Accomplishment.- The Sacral Logos on the Horizon of Life.- The Kairic Timing of The Sacral Logos: The~Sacral Quest As The “In Between”.- The Sacral Quest.- The Inward Sacral of The Soul From Which The Sui Generis Intuition of The Divine Logos Arises.- From The Logos of Life To The Logo-Theic Horizon.
Lamentations over the disarray and disorientation in the philosophical quest may be heard from all sides today. The horizon of the All no longer beacons, for our hope of attaining it seems ever to recede.
Yet, challenging the mistrust of reason that pursuit is precisely engaged in what is undertaken here. Our forty–year elaboration of the ontopoiesis/phenomenology of life as first philosophy/phenomenology in its unravelling of the metamorphic deployment of the logos of life has laid the foundations for the retrieval of the metaphysical vision.
Here the classic concerns of philosophy are not negligently dismissed but are ciphered afresh in the light of innumerable perspectives and insights brought to philosophical attention in a New Enlightenment by advances in the sciences of life and of human apprehension.
Strikingly enough pursuit of the greatest enigma of all, namely, that of the All enhancing Divine, is revived in the revelation that the logos informing life is the Fullness of God. In the Fullness being revealed in the infinite intricacies of the operations of the Logos of Life, we find the plenitude of God’s experiencing man.
In times when the prevailing critique of reason casts aspersions on the quest for God through reason, the full revelation of the logos brings to the entire human experience the infinities of God.
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