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ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 222In this 222st issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates a Persian tale from the book of 1001 Arabian Nights.The Kalif of Baghdad, his Vizier and Executioner disguise themselves and sneak into the city at night time to find out what the people really think and want. They come across a brightly lit house and pretending to be late arriving merchants lost in the city they ask for shelter for the night. Their hostess is gracious and grants them entry.Inside they meet their host’s three sisters, and they correctly perceive that each has a story to tell. They ask them to entertain them with their individual stories to pass the night away, for in those days there was no Television nor was there internet, and this is how people passed their evenings away before bedtime.We invite you to download the Story of the Three Calenders, in fact three books in one and journey back in time to the ancient land of Persia and the Orient to discover each of the three sisters stories.Baba Indaba is a fictitious Zulu storyteller who narrates children's stories from around the world. Baba Indaba translates as 'Father of Stories'.Each issue also has a 'WHERE IN THE WORLD - LOOK IT UP' section, where young readers are challenged to look up a place on a map somewhere in the world. The place, town or city is relevant to the story. HINT - use Google maps.33% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.INCLUDES LINKS TO DOWNLOAD 8 FREE STORIES 
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'THE THREE CALENDERS - A Children’s Story from 1001 Arabian Nights: ' by Anon E. Mouse is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle.

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THE THREE CALENDERS - A Children’s Story from 1001 Arabian Nights: EPUB ebook download Anon E. Mouse EPUB
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