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Yet another work by Antares Stanislas, famous card reader and astrologer. The Tarot Minor Arcana: Learning the cards without memorizing their meaning.

This book is the second integral part of the complete text of "The Tarot, the prediction of the future, " and is appropriate for those who just want to complete the part concerning the Minor Arcana.

The text maintains its professionalism in its discussion of the concepts and sets the goal of bringing its readers into the world of the Tarot through a book that is easy to read.

As always, the title is original for the author’s works, because he, in his practice, receives invitations from his own clients and acquaintances to write works that fill the gap for those who want to practice or to go into this field.

The problem with many, and by no means a secondary one, is that of memorizing the many meanings of the Tarot.

The author has taken on the burden and the honor to help fill this gap. Following this book on the Minor Arcana is its correspondent volume on the Major Arcana. 109 pp.; second edition.

Giampiero, Artist’s Name Antares Stanislas is known for his many activities and articles on the web but also for his publications on the Tarot, Astrology,

and predictions published in advance of the events that then occurred. Such as are documented in Facebook posts or Youtube videos, and reported on social profiles on Facebook.

Antares Stanislas has been an astrologer, card reader and researcher for over 20 years.

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'The Tarot Minor Arcana:Learning the Cards Without Memorizing Their Meaning' by Antares Stanislas is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle.

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