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4. Acknowledgments 5. Introduction by Shannon O?Leary, Illustrations by Joan Reilly9. Feminist, adj by Mari Naomi 10. Same War by Kristina Collantes12. Pillow Talk by Trevor Alixopulos & Vanessa Davis14. Asking For It Story by Shannon O?Leary, Art by Ric Carrasquillo, Layouts by O?Leary & Carrasquillo 24. Must Respect Women?s Power. No Experience Necessary Story by Mark Pritchard, Art by Liz Baillie30. Manifestation by Gabrielle Bell37. Times I?ve Been Mistaken For a Man Story by Beth Lisick, Art by MK Reed42. I Don?t by Hilary Florido45. Am I a Spinster Yet? by Corinne Mucha53. What If I Don?t Want to Have a Baby? by Abby Denson57. How To Make a Man Out of Tin Foil by Barry Deutsch66. She-Drive by Joan Reilly68. My Horrible Heroines by Shaenon K. Garrity74. Eminent Victorians Story by Suzanne Kleid, Art by Joan Reilly80. Cartoon by Emily Flake ?81. Queer, Eh? by Virginia Paine 89. Marriage is Super by Justin Hall 96. Intersections by Angie Wang 98. Cartoon by Emily Flake?99. The Dead of Night by Dylan Williams?113. Skadi?s Wolves by Sarah Oleksyk121. Prostitutes: For Teens by Jen Wang127. Adam & Lilith by Ron Regé, Jr.133. Cartoon by Emily Flake?134. Playmate & Me Story by Sari Wilson, Art by Josh Neufeld?138. Pixie Story by Charlie Jane Anders, Art by Britt Wilson142. Her Fat Feminist Ass by Ulli Lust & Kai Pfeiffer154. Container by Stina Löfgren158. Flowering by Angie Wang159. Cartoon by Emily Flake160. Untethered Story by Lisa Ullmann, Art by Kat Roberts?172. Cartoon by Emily Flake173. If This Is All You Get by Lauren Weinstein 177. Boy?s Life by Andi Zeisler183. Doesn?t This Baby Realize We?re Trying to Redefine Gender Roles? by Jeffrey Brown190. The Labyrinth by Andrice Arp & Jesse Reklaw196. Afterword by Noah Berlatsky198. About Our Contributors200. Pool Butts by Jen Wang Inside Back Cover. Lady Oaf by Ed Luce
edited by Shannon O'Leary & Joan Reilly
The Big Feminist BUT: Comics about Women, Men and the IFs, ANDs & BUTs of Feminism is a comics anthology that asks: What do we really mean when we say, I’m not a feminist, BUT” or I am 100% a feminist, BUT” What do our great big BUTs” say about where things stand between the sexes in the 21st Century? We asked some of the most talented ladies (and gentlemen) working in comics and animation today, along with some of the smartest writers we know including Lauren Weinstein, Jeffrey Brown, Sarah Oleksyk, Gabrielle Bell, Justin Hall, Ron Rege Jr., Vanessa Davis, Josh Neufeld, Andi Zeisler, Angie Wang, Ulli Lust (winner of the 34th annual Los Angeles Times Book Prize for graphic novels/comics) and a whole lot more, to but” into the heated discussion about the much more level but still contradictory playing field both sexes are struggling to find their footing on today.
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'The Big Feminist But' by Gabrielle Bell & Ulli Lust is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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