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Introduction--Entering the No Fear Zone ix CHAPTER 1 The Foundation of Self-Confidence 1CHAPTER 2 Purpose and Personal Power 17CHAPTER 3 Achieving Competence and Personal Mastery 39CHAPTER 4 The Inner Game of Self-Confidence 65CHAPTER 5 Capitalizing on Your Strengths 89CHAPTER 6 Triumphing over Adversity 113CHAPTER 7 Self-Confidence In Action 133About the Author 157Brain Tracy: Speaker-Author-Consultant 159Index 161
Praise for The Power of Self-Confidence'Brian Tracy is the master in understanding and teachingself-enrichment. In this priceless book, he unlocks the key to yourdoor of success and fulfillment--belief in your ownpotential. Internalize his wisdom and you will surely realizeyour goals.'--DENIS WAITLEY, author of Psychology of Success'Brian continues to impact the lives of everyone he touches.This book provides a logical road map that everyone can use tomaximize their true potential.'--JOSEPH SHERREN, CSP, Ho F, author of i Lead: Five Insights for Building Sustainable Organizations'When Brian Tracy writes a new book, I drop everything and startreading. We all need sharp lessons on developing moreself-confidence and pursuing challenging goals. This book will makea significant difference in your life.'--PAT WILLIAMS, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President andauthor of Leadership Excellence'The one quality that makes all the success principles work isunshakable confidence in yourself. Brian now shows you how to growyour confidence to the point where you become unstoppable.'--JACK CANFIELD, coauthor of Chicken Soup for the Soul'Lacking confidence erodes your self-worth and paralyzes yourproductivity. In this book, Brian Tracy shares the secrets todeveloping and maintaining high levels of self-confidence--sothat you can live the greatest life!'--KRISTIN ARNOLD, author of Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audience to Action
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