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Foreword by Congressman Luis Gutierrez Introduction, Chester Hartman I. Racism and Poverty: The Structural Underpinnings Toward a Structural Racism Framework Andrew Grant-Thomas & john a. powell Structural Racism: Focusing on the Cause Cliff Schrupp American Indian Tribes and Structural Racism Sherry Salway Black Structural Racism and Rebuilding New Orleans Maya Wiley Race vis-à-vis Class in the U.S.?john a. powell & Stephen Menendian More Than Just Race: Being Black and Poor in the Inner City William Julius Wilson Tensions Among Minority Groups Symposium with S.M. Miller, Wade Henderson, Don T. Nakanishi, john a. powell, Maria Blanco, Howard Winant Indigenous Peoples: Response to the Periodic Report of the United States to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Tribal Self-Government in the United States John Dossett When Affirmative Action Was White Ira Katznelson The Importance of Targeted Universalism john a. powell, Stephen Menendian & Jason Reece Implicit Bias A Forum ? eds. Intro para Does Unconscious Bias Matter?Ralph Richard Banks & Richard Thompson Ford Implicit Bias Insights as Preconditions to Structural Changejohn a. powell & Rachel Godsil Litigating Implicit Bias Eva Paterson Implicit Bias, Racial Inequality and Our Multivariate World Andrew Grant-Thomas Beyond Bias Olati Johnson Banks & Ford Response Tax Aversion: The Legacy of Slavery Robin Einhorn Tax Aversion: The Sequel Robin Einhorn Scapegoating Blacks for the Economic Crisis Gregory D. Squires Speculators, Not CRA, Behind Foreclosures in Black Neighborhoods John I. Gilderbloom & Gregory D. Squires The Missing Class: The Near Poor Victor Tan Chen & Katherine S. Newman Criminalization of Poverty: UN Report Can We Think about Poverty without Thinking about Criminality?Kaaryn Gustafson The Criminalization of Homelessness National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty Can We Organize for Economic Justice Beyond Capitalism?Lee Ann Hall & Danny Ho Sang Beyond Public/Private: Understanding Corporate Powerjohn a. powell & Stephen Menendian The Help Association of Black Women Historians Reshaping the Social Contract: Demographic Distance and Our Fiscal Future Manuel Pastor & Vanessa Carter Social Justice Movements in a Liminal Age Deepak Bhargava II. Deconstructing Poverty and Racial Inequality The Spirit Level: Why Greater Equality Makes Societies Stronger Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett Why Racial Integration Remains an Imperative Elizabeth Anderson Building a National Museum Lonnie G. Bunch, IIIHow White Activists Embrace Racial Justice Mark R. Warren Ending/Reducing Poverty: A Forum ? Exec Summary of CAP report; Comments on it by Christopher Howard, Herbert J. Gans, David K. Shipler, Mtangulizi Sanyika, William E. Spriggs, Margy Waller, Jill Cunningham, Michael R. Wenger, + CAP response Unions Make Us Strong Julius G. Getman A Freedom Budget for all Americans Chester Hartman The Kerner Commission: Remembering, Forgetting and Truth-Telling Bruce R. Thomas How Seattle and King County Are Tackling Institutional Inequities Julie Nelson, Glenn Harris, Sandy Ciske & Matias Valenzuela One Nation Indivisible: Just Cause ? Causa Justa Multi-racial Movement-Building for Housing Rights Maria Poblet & Dawn Phillips The Opportunity Impact Statement The Opportunity Agenda The International Year for People of African Descent Richard Clarke Count Them One by One: Black Mississippians Fighting for the Right to Vote Gordon A. Martin, Jr.Why Are African Americans and Latinos Under-represented Among Recipients of Unemployment Insurance and What Should We Do About It?Andrew Grant-Thomas The Cobell Trust Land Lawsuit Justin Guilder Truth and Reconciliation in Greensboro, North Carolina: A Paradigm for Social Transformation Marty Nathan & Signe Waller Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation Commission Marty Nathan & Signe Waller Apologies/Reparations Apology for Slavery (H. Res. 194) Joint Resolution of Apology to Native People John Dossett III. (Re)Emerging Issues The Seattle/Louisville Decision and the Future of Race-Conscious Programs Philip Tegeler Separate ? Equal: Mexican Americans Before Brown v. Board Philippa Strum Segregation and Exposure to High-Poverty Schools in Large Metropolitan Areas, 2008-09 Nancy Mc Ardle, Theresa Osypuk & Dolores Acevedo-García The Social Science Evidence on the Effects of Diversity in K-12 Schools Roslyn Arlin Mickelson How Colleges and Universities Can Promote K-12 Diversity: A Modest Proposal Julius Chambers, John Charles Boger & William Tobin Commentaries by Pedro Noguera, john a. powell, William L. Taylor, Wendy Puriefoy, Richard D. Kahlenberg, Jenice L. View When the Feds Won?t Act: School Desegregation, State Courts, and Minnesota?s The Choice is Yours Program Myron Orfield & Baris Gumus-Dawes Reaffirming the Role of School Integration in K-12 Education Policy Post- Conference Statement: An Urgent Need for Federal Support Middle-Income Peers As Educational Resources and the Constitutional Right to Equal Access Derek W. Black Community-Based Accountability:Best Practices for School Officials Jason Langberg, Taiyyaba Qureshi & Eldrin Deas The Role of Teacher Union Locals in Advancing Racial Justice and Improving the Quality of Schooling in the United States Mark Simon American Indian Boarding Schools Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing: The 21st Century Challenge Rob Breymaier Race and Public Housing: Revisiting the Federal Role Richard Rothstein Integration and Housing Choice: A Dialogue Camille Zubrinsky Charles, Ingrid Gould Ellen & Maria Krysan What Are We Holding Our Public Schools Accountable For? The Gap Between What is Measured and What is Needed to Prepare Children for an Increasingly Diverse Society Amy Stuart Wells The Goal of Inclusive, Diverse Communities: Introduction to the Final Report of the National Commission on Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Lessons from Mount Laurel: The Benefits of Affordable Housing for All Concerned Douglas S. Massey Housing America?s Native People Wendy L. Helgemo No Home in Indian Country Janeen Comenote Mossville, Louisiana: A Community?s Fight for the Human Right to a Healthy Environment Michele Roberts Understanding Health Impact Assessment: A Tool for Addressing Health Disparities Saneta De Vuono-Powell & Jonathan Heller Health Equity for Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Children and Youth: What?s Racism Got to Do With It? Laurin Mayeno, Joseph Keawe-aimoku Kaholokulu, David MKI Liu, Lloyd Asato & Winston Tseng Neighborhood ? The Smallest Unit of Health: A Health Center Model for Pacific Islander and Asian Health Jamila Jarmon Health Care and Indigenous Peoples in the United States Michael Yellow Bird Race, Poverty and Incarceration Donald Braman A Strategy for Dismantling Structural Racism in the Juvenile Justice System Edgar S. Cahn, Keri A. Nash & Cynthia Robbins JJDPA (box accompanying Cahn et al.) Native Americans and Juvenile Justice: A Hidden Tragedy Terry L. Cross National Statement to Support Human and Civil Rights for All Immigrants and to Oppose Compromise Immigration Reform Proposals 21st Century Gateways: Immigrants in Suburban America Audrey Singer, Susan W. Hardwick & Caroline B. Brettell Natural Allies or Irreconcilable Foes? Reflections on African-American/Immigrant Relations Andrew Grant-Thomas, Yusuf Sarfati & Cheryl Staats Transportation and Civil Rights:Thomas W. Sanchez & Marc Brenman Commentaries by Guillermo Mayer, Angela Glover Blackwell, Eugene B. Benson, Wade Henderson, David Rusk, Laura Barrett, Thomas W. Sanchez & Marc Brenman Right to the City: Social Movement and Theory Jacqueline Leavitt, Tony Roshan Samara & Marnie Brady IV. Civil Rights History Bayard Rustin and the Civil Rights Movement Daniel Levine A Civil Right to Organize Richard D. Kahlenberg & Moshe Z. Marvit Commentaries on the Kahlenberg-Marvit Article Various Authors Kahlenberg and Marvit Respond Local People as Law Shapers: Lessons from Atlanta?s Civil Rights Movement Tomiko Brown-Nagin Freedom Riders Raymond Arsenault The Chicago Freedom Movement 40 Years Later: A Symposium:Assessing the Chicago Freedom Movement ?James Ralph, Success and the Chicago Freedom Movement? Mary Lou Finley, The End-the-Slums Movement ?Bernard La Fayette, Jr Forty Years of the Civil Rights Movement in Chicago? Dick Simpson Overall, Things Are Not Good? Salim Muwakkil The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Gathers 50 Years After It Started: A Report on the Reunion Mike Miller The Other Side of Immigration: Humane, Sensible & Replicable Responses in a Changing Nation Susan E. Eaton Current and Former Members of PRRAC?s Board of Directors and Social Science Advisory Board About the Contributors
edited by Chester Hartman
The book is a compilation of the best and still-most-relevant articles published in Poverty & Race, the bimonthly of The Poverty & Race Research Action Council from 2006 to the present. Authors are some of the leading figures in a range of activities around these themes. It is the fourth such book PRRAC has published over the years, each with a high-visibility foreword writer: Rep. John Lewis, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. Bill Bradley, Julian Bond in previous books, Rep. Luis Gutierrez of Chicago for this book. The chapters are organized into four sections: Race & Poverty: The Structural Underpinnings; Deconstructing Poverty and Racial Inequities; Re(emerging) Issues; Civil Rights History.
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