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1 Editor's Introduction Chapter 2 Chapter 1: Progressives and the Incoming Administration Chapter 3 Domestic Issues Chapter 4 Chapter 2: The United States Can Cut Poverty in Half Chapter 5 Chapter 3: High-Quality, Affordable Health Care for All Chapter 6 Chapter 4:The Education (Policy) We Need for the Citizens We Have Chapter 7 Chapter 5: The Affordable Housing Crisis: It Is a Solvable Problem Chapter 8 Chapter 6: Homelessness: Action to End and Prevent the Crisis Chapter 9 Chapter 7: A New Policy for Justice and Public Safety Chapter 10 Chapter 8: A Road Map for Juvenile Justice Reform Chapter 11 Chapter 9: Drug Policy Reform and Neutralizing the Third Rail of Politics Chapter 12 Chapter 10: Policies Toward the Elderly: Strengthening Social Security and Medicare Chapter 13 Chapter 11: An Economic Justice Agenda Chapter 14 Chapter 12:Toward a Fair and Adequate Tax System Chapter 15 Chapter 13: Ending Extreme Inequality: The Need to Concentrate on Concentrated Wealth Chapter 16 Chapter 14: Re-Establishing a Workers' Rights Agenda Chapter 17 Chapter 15: Will the Incoming Administration Cut the Racial Trip Wire? Chapter 18 Chapter 16: Turning King's Dream into Reality Chapter 19 Chapter 17: Climate and Energy Solutions for a Secure, Equitable and Sustainable Future Chapter 20 Chapter 18: Green Jobs in a Sustainable Economy Chapter 21 Chapter 19: Advancing Women's Equality Chapter 22 Chapter 20: Strengthening Families and Creating Pathways to Opportunity Chapter 23 Chapter 21: The Homosexual Agenda, Revisited Chapter 24 Chapter 22: Promoting Full Participation of People with Disabilities Chapter 25 Chapter 23: A Budget Is a Statement of Values Chapter 26 Chapter 24: A Food System We Can Believe In Chapter 27 Chapter 25: Transforming U.S. Transportation Chapter 28 Chapter 26: Rebuilding and Renewing America: A National Infrastructure Plan for the 21st Century Chapter 29 Chapter 27: Katrina: A Chance to Do It Right Chapter 30 Chapter 28: From Newcomers to Americans: An Integration Policy for a Nation of Immigrants Chapter 31 Chapter 29: Open the Government, A New Information Policy Chapter 32 Chapter 30: Media and Communications Policy: Ensuring the Freedom of Expression Essential to a Democracy Chapter 33 Chapter 31: Restoring Democratic Control Over Corporations Chapter 34 Chapter 32: Making Our Democracy All It Can Be: An Agenda for Voting Rights and Election Reform Chapter 35 Chapter 33: Restoring Balance to the Federal Courts Chapter 36 Chapter 34: Unleash Democracy: Policies for a New Federalism Chapter 37 International Issues Chapter 38 Chapter 35: Ending the Iraq War and Occupation Chapter 39 Chapter 36: U.S. Policy Toward Afghanistan: Rethinking the Good War Chapter 40 Chapter 37: A New U.S. Policy on Terrorism Chapter 41 Chapter 38: Eliminating Nuclear Weapons Chapter 42 Chapter 39: U.S. Policy on the Global Economy: A New Development Agenda Chapter 43 Chapter 40: Elements of a Just International Climate Policy Chapter 44 Chapter 41: Immigration and Migration Policies for a Sustainable Future Chapter 45 Chapter 42: U.S. Policy Toward Africa: Advancing a Twenty-First Century Vision Chapter 46 Chapter 43: U.S. Policy Toward the Middle East: Elevating Peace by Resolving Crises Chapter 47 Chapter 44: U.S. Policy Toward Asia: For a Policy of Equitable Engagement Chapter 48 Chapter 45: U.S. Policy Toward Latin America: Supporting Democratic Diversity Chapter 49 Chapter 46: Restoring Government Leadership on Human Rights At Home Chapter 50 Chapter 47: The Role of Organizing and Movement-Building: The Sine Qua Non
edited by Chester Hartman
Three decades ago, conservative ideologues at The Heritage Foundation produced a primer on the Reagan Revolution entitled Mandate for Leadership, which offered an overarching philosophy against the role of government and in favor of markets. This volume, produced by the Institute for Policy Studies, which since 1963 has been the nation's leading progressive policy organization, offers a set of specific policy proposals for the incoming national administration on every major domestic and international topic, written specifically for the book by a leading thinker and activist in the field. These chapters set forth a fundamental, badly needed 'mandate for change' to reinvigorate government and rethink the role of markets and civil society. Each one includes an essay supporting the proposed policies and a resource list of relevant organizations, websites, and readings. It is perfect for public policy courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.
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