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Foreword. Preface. Part I: Food and Ethics. 1. Eating, Society and Ethics. 1.1 The Intimacy of Eating and Digestion. 1.2 Eating in between Life and Death. 1.3 The Social Meaning of the Meal. 1.4 Food and Ethics in History. 1.5 Food Ethics and the Production History. Part II: The Intellectualisation of Food. 2. Food to Science: On the Intellectualisation of Food. 2.1 The Hermeneutic Approach of Early Natural History. 2.2 The Phenomenological Approach of Late Natural History. 2.3 Biology and the Invisible Characteristics of Life. 2.4 The End of Phenomenology in Biology. 3. The Storylessness of Food. 3.1 The History of Industrialisation of Agriculture. 3.2 Food Science and Gastronomy. 3.3 The Powerlessness of the Political Consumer. 3.4 The Hidden Production History of Food. 3.5 Do not Eat what you have not Read. Part III: Food Ethics and the Production History. 4. Tracing the Production History. 4.1 Short-Range and Long-Range Ethics. 4.2 Food as a Trace. 4.3 The Judgement of Taste and Morality. 4.4 The Trace as Presence and Lost Time. 4.5 History of Effect. 4.6 Production History and Mimesis. 5. Food Ethics as the Ethics of the Trace. 5.1 The Reliability of the Production History. 5.2 Food and Ethical Identity. 5.3 Food as a Trace of Nature. 5.4 Food Ethics of the Consumers. 6. Traceability and Food Ethics. 6.1 Fragmentation and Traceability. 6.2 Sociological Survey on Ethical Traceability. 6.3 Consumer Autonomy: Remembering the Other and Informed Choice. 6.4 Recognizing Consumers Recognizing Producers. References. Index. List of Tables and Figures. About the author.
This book marks a new departure in ethics, which has up to now been a question of ‘the good life’ in relation to other people, based on Greek concepts of friendship and the Judaeo-Christian ‚caritas.’ No early moral teaching discussed man’s relation to the origin of foodstuffs and the system that produced them; doubtless the question was of little interest since the production path was so short.
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