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Preface Acknowledgments Contributors Part I Biodiversity and the Genesis of Sprawl 1. The Context and Causes of Sprawl, by Barbara L. Lawrence2. The Impacts of Sprawl on Biodiversity, by Elizabeth A. Johnson and Michael W. Klemens Part II Sprawl, Ecosystems, and Processes 3. Freshwater Wetland Biodiversity in an Urbanizing World, by Nicholas A. Miller and Michael W. Klemens4. Ecosystems, Disturbance, and the Impact of Sprawl, by Seth R. Reice5. Bees, Pollination, and the Challenges of Sprawl, by James H. Cane6. Effects of Urbanization on Decomposer Communities and Soil Processes in Forest Remnants, by Margaret M. Carreiro7. Sprawl and Disease, by Fred W. Koontz and Peter Daszak Part III Sprawl and Species 8. Sprawl and Species with Limited Dispersal Abilities, by Diane L. Byers and Joseph C. Mitchell9. Sprawl and Highly Mobile or Wide-Ranging Species, by Justina C. Ray10. Species that Benefit from Sprawl, by Stephen De Stefano and Elizabeth A. Johnson Part IV Identifying and Meeting the Challenges of Sprawl 11. Maintaining Connectivity in Urbanizing Landscapes, by M. A. Sanjayan and Kevin R. Crooks12. The Economics of Biodiversity in Urbanizing Ecosystems, by Stephen Farber13. Conserving Biodiversity Through State and Regional Planning, by Jessica Wilkinson, Sara Vickerman, and Jeff Lerner14. Integrating Conservation of Biodiversity into Local Planning, by Jayne Daly and Michael W. Klemens15. Building Public Awareness About the Effects of Sprawl on Biodiversity, by Cynthia Coffin and Jane Elder16. Creating a Framework for Change, by Michael W. Klemens and Elizabeth A. Johnson Index
edited by Elizabeth Johnson & Michael Klemens
This new collection focuses on the impact of sprawl on biodiversity and the measures that can be taken to alleviate it. Leading biological and social scientists, conservationists, and land-use professionals examine how sprawl affects species and alters natural communities, ecosystems, and natural processes. The contributors integrate biodiversity issues, concerns, and needs into the growing number of anti-sprawl initiatives, including the 'smart growth' and 'new urbanist' movements.
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'Nature in Fragments' by Elizabeth Johnson & Michael Klemens is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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