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Chapter 1. Introduction: Postcolonialism and the Low Countries, Elleke Boehmer and Sarah De Mul Part 1: Towards a Neerlandophone Postcolonial Studies Chapter 2. Postcolonial Studies in the context of the ‘diasporic’ Netherlands, Elleke Boehmer and Frances Gouda Chapter 3. Polderpoko: why it cannot exist, Isabel Hoving Chapter 4. The “Ends” of Postcolonialism, Theo D’haen Chapter 5. “Is the headscarf oppressive or emancipatory?” Field notes on the gendrification of the ‘multicultural debate’, Sarah Bracke and Nadia Fadil Part 2: Postcolonial Memory Chapter 6. (Un)happy Endings: Nostalgia in post-imperial and postmemory Dutch films, Pamela Pattynama Chapter 7. Transnational Contact-Narratives: Dutch Post-Coloniality from a Turkish-German Viewpoint, Liesbeth Minnaard Chapter 8. Representing post-apartheid South Africa: mothers, motherlands and mother tongues in the work of selected Afrikaans women writers, Louise Viljoen Chapter 9. The Holocaust as a Paradigm for the Congo Atrocities: Adam Hochschild's King Leopold’s Ghost, Sarah De Mul Part 3: Literature and Multiculturalism Chapter 10. Dutch Homonationalism and Intersectionality, Murat Aydemir Chapter 11. Becoming Un Dutch: 'Wil je dat? Kun je dat?', Mireille Rossello Chapter 12. Unlike(ly) Home(s). “Self-Orientalisation” and Irony in Moroccan Diasporic Literature, Ieme van der Poel Chapter 13. ‘Games of Deception’ in Hafid Bouazza’s Literary No Man’s Land, Henriette Louwerse
edited by Elleke Boehmer & Sarah De Mul
The Postcolonial Low Countries is the first book to bring together critical and comparative approaches to the emergent field of neerlandophone postcolonial studies. The collection of essays ranges across the cultures and literatures of the Netherlands and Belgium and establishes an encounter between postcolonial theoretical discourses from both within and without the region. Each one of the contributions puts under pressure the definitive concepts of postcolonial studies in its more conventional anglophone or francophone formation, as well as perceptions of the Low Countries, Belgium and the Netherlands, as lying outside or to the side of the postcolonial domain. In the Low Countries, local and regional issues concerning multiculturalism and colonial belatedness have raised important questions about the possible grounds on which postcolonial critical concepts might be not only translated but also generated afresh, to suit these paradoxically new contexts. As The Postcolonial Low Countries incisively demonstrates, the Low Countries demand a careful rearticulation of such postcolonial ‘readymades’ as hybridity, accommodation and creolization. Gathering together contributions from both internationally renowned scholars and newly established researchers in the field, The Postcolonial Low Countries maps previously underexplored national and transnational literary critical trajectories. The book challenges in boundary shifting ways current readings of the so-described multicultural and postcolonial Netherlands and Belgium.
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