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List of Tables and Figures Notes on the Contributors Preface and Acknowledgements Introduction PART I: NEW RISKS AND CHALLENGES Defining the Enemy: EU and US Threat Perceptions After 9/11; S.E.Penska A Revolution in Strategy?: Conducting War in an Age of Rogues; J.W.Honig Strategic Terrorism: Threats and Risk Assessment; F.Steinhäusler Peering into the Abyss: Understanding and Combating NBC Terrorism; I.Cuthbertson The European Response to International Terrorism; G.Witschel PART II: THE TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONSHIP Transatlantic Relations after 9/11 and Iraq: Continuities and Discontinuities; R.Karp Three Fictions of Transatlantic Relations; D.Nelson European Security and Transatlantic Relations after 9/11 and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; H.Gärtner NATO Cohesion from Afghanistan to Iraq; C.Tuschhoff PART III: EUROPEAN CRISIS MANAGEMENT AND CONFLICT PREVENTION The European 'Centaur': Power and Authority in Europe's Society of States; A.Hyde-Price The European Union and Crisis Management; K.Möttölä The OSCE Response to 9/11; P.T.Hopmann Multilateral Arms Control as a Response to NBC Proliferation: A New Transatlantic Divide?; A.Kelle What Future for Europe's Security and Defence Policy? Five Scenarios for the Year 2020; H.Borchert & D.Maurer Conclusions and Recommendations Index
edited by H. Gärtner & I. Cuthbertson
At a time of unprecedented turmoil in the transatlantic relationship, as America asserts its right to act unilaterally to defend itself against terrorism and Europeans are increasingly aggressive in promoting a multilateralist approach to security issues, this book examines the post-9/11 and Iraqi war security environment, especially the impact on NATO and transatlantic relations as the European Union seeks to build a unified foreign and defence policy that will enable Europeans to play a fuller role in the international system.
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'European Security and Transatlantic Relations after 9/11 and the Iraq War' by H. Gärtner & I. Cuthbertson is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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