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Preface Introduction Chapter 1: The Impact of Climate Change on the Environment and Human Societies Chapter 2: The Capitalist World System and its Contradictions Chapter 3: The Capitalist Treadmill of Production and Consumption as a Generator of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Chapter 4: The Inadequacies of Existing Climate Regimes for Mitigating Climate Change Chapter 5: Why Green Capitalism is Insufficient to Mitigate Climate Change Chapter 6: A Vision of an Alternative World System: Toward Global Democracy Based on Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability Chapter 7: Toward an Ecological Revolution: Progressive Transitional Reforms Chapter 8: Grass-roots Responses to the Climate Change: Internationally, Nationally, and Locally Chapter 9: Conclusion Resource Guide Bibliography Index About the Author
Many progressive scholars, particularly in the social sciences, have increasingly come to acknowledge that anthropogenic climate change constitutes yet another contradiction of global capitalism. This book constitutes an effort to develop a critical social science of climate change, one that posits its roots in global capitalism with its emphasis on profit-making, a treadmill of production and consumption, heavy reliance on fossil fuels, and commitment to ongoing economic expansion. It explores the systemic changes necessary to create a more socially just and sustainable world system that would possibly start to move humanity toward a safer climate and discusses the role of a burgeoning climate movement in this effort.
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