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Chapter ONE The Path That Led You Here 1

Who the Heck Are the Joneses, and Why Are You Trying to Keep Upwith Them? 4

Adding to the Cart 7

Emotional Buying 10

Buying What You Can't Maintain 12

The Influence of Advertising 14

Chapter TWO Start to Become Empowered 23

Crafting a Budget 26

Examples of Budget Sheets 27

Worksheets for Expenses 28

Fixed Expenses 28

Flexible Expenses 32

Discretionary Expenses 34

Time to Calculate 37

The Frugal Philosophy 39

Chapter THREE Discovering a New Outlook on Life and Money47

Identify Your Values: Work, Friends, and Family 50

The Value of Money 61

The Value of Living for Tomorrow 64

Chapter FOUR Staying on the Right Path 67

Find a Hobby 70

A Life without Credit Cards 78

Differentiating Needs from Wants 82

Chapter FIVE Teach Your Children Well 109

Talk to Your Kids about Money 112

Kids and Values 118

Prepare Your Teenagers 121

Chapter SIX Introduction to Banking 129

Choosing a Bank 133

Credit Unions 135

Types of Accounts 136

What Is a Check? 137

How to Open an Account 139

Electronic Banking 139

Types of Loans 141

Investing Your Money 144

Mutual Funds 146

Chapter SEVEN Continuing on Your Financial Freedom Quest149

Find Your Green 153

It's Time to Step Out on Your Own 160



A proven survival guide for these economically rocky, debt-ridden times

Millions of people suffer financial hardship due to job loss anda variety of other factors. What you need to do in order to takecontrol of your financial destiny includes changing the way youconfront and deal with everyday pressures related to shopping, advertising, credit cards, keeping up with the Joneses, andspending money.

In Power Up, Howard Dvorkin--founder of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services--draws on his years of experiencehelping thousands of people overcome devastating financialhardship. He provides you with time-tested strategies and powerfultools to rebuild your financial life on a solid and enduringfoundation. Besides discussing guidelines for creating a realisticbudget and sticking to it, Dvorkin also shares tips on how to learnto live without credit cards--and love doing it--as wellas puts you in a better position to understand the differencebetween what you want and what you need.
* Filled with effective budgeting tools, worksheets, and othervaluable forms
* Provides a look at the tricks that lenders and credit cardcompanies use to make you a slave to debt
* Offers ideas on how to redirect your urge to shop intoactivities that satisfy your deeper needs and methods to improveyour fiscal psychology
* Contains priceless advice on how to educate your kids aboutmoney and personal finance

Do you want a chance to start over again with a clean slate? Doyou want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're in chargeof your financial destiny? If you answered yes to any of thesequestions, then it's time to Power Up!
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'Power Up' by Howard S. Dvorkin is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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