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Social Identity and Political Violence.- Violence in Identity.- Gandhi, Newton, and the Enlightenment.- Ideas as Weapons: Militant Islamist Groups in Egypt.- Female Terrorists: Martyrdom and Gender Equality.- Ethnicity and Indoctrination for Violence: The Efficiency of Producing Terrorists.- The Clash Within: Democracy and the Hindu Right.- Scope of the Terrorist Threat.- Assessing the State of Al Qaeda and Current and Future Terrorist Threats.- The Debate over “New” vs. “Old” Terrorism.- Globalization, Social Capital and Networked Violence: The Role of Values.- Geospatial Analysis of Dynamic Terrorist Networks.- Developing Moral Agency in the Midst of Violence: Children, Political Conflict, and Values.- Violent and Non-violent Responses to State Failure: Papua New Guinea and Ecuador.- Values and Policy Choices.- Terrorism, Islam and America: In Search of a Disarming Narrative.- The Importance of Values in the Fight Against Terrorism.- “Terrorism”: Reflections on Legitimacy and Policy Considerations.- Values Implicated in the Struggle with Terrorism: War, Crime, and Prevention.
edited by Ibrahim A. Karawan & Wayne McCormack
Most books on terrorism deal with descriptions of terrorist organizations and activities, some examine privacy and civil liberties issues, and others treat terrorism as a series of policy choices. Hardly any books deal with the foundational questions of values and violence as they relate to terrorism. The two unique features of this book are that it deals with violence at the normative foundations of values and human dignity and that it includes many of the best-known authors in the world from a variety of disciplines, making it a paradigmatic example of cutting-edge study in interdisciplinary scholarship, with a focus on bringing theories and policy issues closer together. 'Values and Violence' includes chapters by a dozen of the leading scholars in the world on patterns of political violence, responses to terrorism, and the basic value choices inherent in them.
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'Values and Violence' by Ibrahim A. Karawan & Wayne McCormack is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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