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Chapter One. Introduction.

Chapter Two. What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur.

Chapter Three. Getting Started.

Chapter Four. Financing.

Chapter Five. The Miracle of Hard Work.

Chapter Six. The Magic of a Vision.

Chapter Seven. Focus. Putting on the Blinders.

Chapter Eight. Concentrate on Your Customer.

Chapter Nine. Implementation. Making It Happen.

Chapter Ten. There is a Better Way.

Chapter Eleven. Plotting Your Course With Strategic Planning.

Chapter Twelve. Forecasting and Budgeting.

Chapter Thirteen. Using Your Financial Statements to Get Where You Want to Go.

Chapter Fourteen. You Can Too Argue With Success.

Chapter Fifteen. Building a Great Corporate Culture.

Chapter Sixteen. Shaping a Winning Organization.

Chapter Seventeen. Who Controls Your Life?

Chapter Eighteen. Easing the Burden.

Chapter Nineteen. Doing More by Doing Less.

Chapter Twenty. Your Growth As a Leader.

Chapter Twenty-One. Someone Changed the Rules. Why Wasn't it Me?

Chapter Twenty-Two. About the Lifelong Learning Process.

Chapter Twenty-Three. The Art of Survival.

Chapter Twenty-Four. How to Do Almost Everything Wrong.

Chapter Twenty-Five. About Advisors and Boards.

Chapter Twenty-Six. A Family Business Can Be Great -Or...

Chapter Twenty-Seven. The Glory of the Free Enterprise System.
In Simply Success, the former chairman and founder of Quill Corporation presents key lessons of entrepreneurship, including how to get started, set a vision, finance the business, and build a successful corporate culture. Based on his own experience, Miller shares his most hard-earned lessons, so you can avoid learning the same lessons the painful way. For entrepreneurs young and old, or even if only dream of starting a business one day, this book is a guiding light to a successful enterprise.
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'Simply Success' by Jack Miller is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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