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1. Glycosylation: Disease Targets and Therapy, Zitzmann et al.; 2. Long Alkylchain Iminosugars Block the HCV P7 Ion Channel, Pavlovic et al.; 3. The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus: A Model for the Study of Antiviral Molecules Interfering with N-Glycosylation and Folding of Envelope Glycoprotein, Durantel et al.; 4. Antibody Recognition of a Carbohydrate Epitope: A Template for HIV Vaccine Design, Scanlan et al. ; 5. Interaction of Schistosome Glycans with the Host Immune System, Van Die et al.; 6. The Mannan-Binding Lectin (MBL) of Complement Activation: Biochemistry, Biology and Clinical Implications, Jensenius et al.; 7. Killer Cell Lectin-like Receptors and the Natural Killer Cell Gene Complex, Nylenna et al. ; 8. Glycosylation Influences the Ligand Binding Activities of Mannose Receptor, Roc Su et al. ; 9. Human Immunoglobulin Glycosylation and the Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation, Arnold et al.; 10. Gelatinase B Participates in Collagen II Degradation and Releases Glycosylated Remnant Epitopes in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Van den Steen et al.; 11. Hyaluronan in Immune Processes, Alan J. Wright and Anthony J. Day; 12. Glycosylation and the Function of the T Cell Co-receptor CD8, Shore et al.; 13. Immunogenecity of Calreticulin-bound Murine Leukemia Virus Glycoprotein, Mimura et al.; 14. Glycosylation and GPI Anchorage of the Prion Protein, Nigel Hooper; 15. Glycosylation Defects and Muscular Dystrophy, Blake et al.; 16. Roles of Complex and Hybrid N-Glycans and O-Fucose Glycans in Oocyte Development and Function, Shi et al.; 17. Mucin Oligosaccharides and Pigeon Fanciers’ Lung, Baldwin et al.; 18. Differential Glycosylation of Gelatinase B from Neutrophils and Breast Cancer Cells, Fry et al.; 19. Detection of Glycosylation Changes in Serum and Tissue Proteins in Cancer by Lectin Blotting, Ferguson et al.; 20. Carbohydrates and Biology of Staphylococcal Infections, Tarkowski et al.; 21. New Developments in Treating Glycosphingolipid Storage Diseases, Platt et al. ; 23. New Insights into Rheumatoid Arthritis Associated Glycosylation Changes, Alavi et al.; 24. Production of Complex Human Glycoproteins in Yeast, Tillman Gerngross; 25. Relationship Between the N-glycan Structures and Biological Activitities of Recombinant Human Erythropoietins Produced Using Different Culture Conditions and Purification Procedures, Yuen et al.; 26. Glycosylation of Natural and Recombinant Antibody Molecules, Roy Jefferis.
edited by John S. Axford
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'Glycobiology and Medicine' by John S. Axford is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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