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'I can strongly recommend this book to everyone involved in small animal emergencies.' (Veterinary Times, 9 April 2012)'This is a great book for veterinarians in general practice as well as those in training. No other book (to my knowledge) in veterinary medicine addresses medical errors and communication issues from the point of view of a specialist. This book is extremely useful and provides great learning material based on past experiences in order to prevent future errors.' (Doody's, 29 July 2011)

'Worth reading several times... This book is an easy and interesting read and is very accessible... it is a book that I believe is useful for both experienced and newly-graduated vets and also nurses, as not only are clinical aspects broached, there is also a large focus on communication.' (Veterinary Practice, May 2011)

'In my opinion, most cases in this book would make a great discussion starter for staff meetings / clinical audit meetings. The book should be required reading for all interns and residents in the relevant fields. It is an excellent resource for anyone who deals with emergency or critically ill patients, filling a particular need that is not met by other textbooks.' (Veterinary Record, April 2011)
Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care: Case Studies in ClientCommunication, Morbidity and Mortality provides a uniqueopportunity to learn from real-life case examples. Presented as acollection of short case studies, the book examines a wide range ofsituations likely to arise in emergency practice.
The approach is modeled on the Morbidity and MortalityConferences which were first established as a training andeducational tool for medical doctors. They have now beensuccessfully adopted in veterinary medicine as a forum for casereview and learning opportunities, encouraging thorough review fromdifferent perspectives.
Each chapter presents a real case, and highlights the pitfallsthat both novice and experienced veterinarians can encounter. A keytheme of the book is on communication issues. Owner perspectivesare discussed, as well as how communications betweenclinicians and owners can be optimized to allow veterinarians tobetter meet owner expectations.
The cases were provided by a variety of experiencedveterinarians, primarily specialists in veterinary emergency andcritical care, as well as other specialties, general practice, universities, and private institutions.
This highly readable book is suitable either to absorb fromcover to cover, or for reference to a specific case or situation.It highlights a number of common clinical problems andcommunication issues that either did or may lead to difficulties incase management, helping you to avoid these situations.
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'Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care' by Lisa Powell & Elizabeth A. Rozanski is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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