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Acknowledgments. About the Authors. Introduction. Chapter 1: Jigs and Fixtures. Chapter 2: Helix and Spiral Calculations. Chapter 3: Spur Gear Computations. Chapter 4: Gears and Gear Cutting. Chapter 5: Cams and Cam Design. Chapter 6: Dies and Diemaking. Chapter 7: Grinding. Chapter 8: Laps and Lapping. Chapter 9: Toolmaking Operations. Chapter 10: Heat-Treating Furnaces. Chapter 11: Annealing, Hardening, and Tempering. Chapter 12: Principles of Induction Heating. Chapter 13: High-Frequency Induction Heating. Chapter 14: Furnace Brazing. Chapter 15: Cold-Treating Process. Chapter 16: Automatic Lathes. Chapter 17: The Automatic Screw Machine. Chapter 18: Automated Machine Tools. Chapter 19: Computerized Machining. Appendix: Reference Materials. Index.
Master today's toolmaking equipment Here, fully updated to include new machines and electronic anddigital controls, is the ultimate guide to automated machines andtoolmaking. Whether you're a professional machinist, an apprentice, or a trade student, this fully illustrated volume helps you workwith metal-safely, precisely, efficiently-using today's tools andtechniques. It's packed with review questions for students, andloaded with answers you need on the job. * Understand automated machine fundamentals and work with jigs andfixtures * Learn the basics of spiral and helix milling, gear cutting, andcam machining * Discover how to cut, punch, or shape a die with minimumwaste * Master the operations of today's grinders and lappingmachines * Find out all about toolmaking, from allowances and tolerances tolayouts and master plates * Follow the clear, step-by-step illustrations to gain a hands-onknowledge of techniques and procedures
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'Audel Automated Machines and Toolmaking, All New' by Mark Richard Miller & Rex Miller is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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