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Acknowledgments Introduction Preface Book One The First Generations of Spirits Izanagi and Izanami Amaterasu and Susa-no-o Okuni-nushi Hiko-ho-no-ninigi Ho-deri and Hoho-demi Book Two Sovereign Jinmu Sovereign Suisei Sovereign Annei Sovereign Itoku Sovereign Kosho Sovereign Koan Sovereign Korei Sovereign Kogen Sovereign Kaika Sovereign Sujin Sovereign Suinin Sovereign Keiko Sovereign Seimu Sovereign Chuai Sovereign Ojin Book Three Sovereign Nintoku Sovereign Richu Sovereign Hanzei Sovereign Ingyo Sovereign Anko Sovereign Yuryaku Sovereign Seinei Sovereign Kenzo Sovereign Ninken Sovereign Buretsu Sovereign Keitai Sovereign Ankan Sovereign Senka Sovereign Kinmei Sovereign Bidatsu Sovereign Yomei Sovereign Sushun Sovereign Suiko Glossary of General Terms Glossary of Personal Names Glossary of Place Names Map 1. Ancient Lands of Yamato Japan Map 2. Central Yamato Bibliography
Translation by Gustav Heldt
Japan's oldest surviving narrative, the eighth-century Kojiki, chronicles the mythical origins of its islands and their ruling dynasty through a diverse array of genealogies, tales, and songs that have helped to shape the modern nation's views of its ancient past. Gustav Heldt's engaging new translation of this revered classic aims to make the Kojiki accessible to contemporary readers while staying true to the distinctively dramatic and evocative appeal of the original's language. It conveys the rhythms that structure the Kojiki's animated style of storytelling and translates the names of its many people and places to clarify their significance within the narrative. An introduction, glossaries, maps, and bibliographies offer a wealth of additional information about Japan's earliest extant record of its history, literature, and religion.
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'The Kojiki' by no Yasumaro Ō is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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