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Chapter 1 General Discursive Trajectories of Lu Xun, Ah Q and National Character <br />
Chapter 2 The Historical Context of National Character in China: Ironic Nationalism <br />
Chapter 3 Lu Xun's Late Qing Essays: The Foundations of His Engagement with the National Character Discourse <br />
Chapter 4 The Trajectory of National Character in Lu Xun's Writings (1918-1936) <br />
Chapter 5 Ah Q and the Critique of National Character: Lu Xun's Attack on National Essence and Chinese Spiritual Culture <br />
Chapter 6 Lu Xun and the Construction of the Ah Q Discourse (1922-1949) <br />
Chapter 7 The Ironic Inflation of Chinese National Character: Lu Xun's International Reputation, Romain Rolland's Critique of The True Story of Ah Q and the Nobel Prize <br />
Chapter 8 Ah Q Progeny?Son of Ah Q, Modern Ah Q, Miss Ah Q, Sequels to Ah Q?Post-1949 Creative Intersections with the Ah Q Discourse <br />
Chapter 9 Conclusion
Although Lu Xun was a leading intellectual and writer in twentieth century China, and his representative character Ah Q, hero of 'The True Story of Ah Q, ' is considered an iconic repository of progressive Chinese thinking about the national character, few works examine the major discourses in his thought and writing relative to broader historical and intellectual currents outside the context of his politicization. Ah Q Archaeology, however, concretely situates Lu Xun's critique of national character vis-a-vis metanarratives of nationalism and modernity through a close examination of his works in their historical context. Paul B. Foster uses a discursive approach to tie together Lu Xun's major theme of national character critique and its fate in China's tumultuous twentieth century. This book is an important and unique contribution to modern Chinese intellectual history and modern Chinese literature.
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