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'Noteworthy for its comprehensive nature and excellent resource section . . . advisers will find throughout the book examples of successes, challenges, and perspectives of real foundations. These types of stories are useful in discussing the workings of private foundations with clients or prospects.'
- NAPFA Advisor, August 2003Featured in The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 9/4/2003

'Philanthropy is a vital activity, and there's never enough money to do all the good that needs to be done. In Creating a Private Foundation, Roger Silk and Jim Lintott clearly explain a number of different giving strategies--both tax and philanthropic--to help donors make their limited resources go farther. I highly recommend it.'
- Ace Greenberg
Former Chairman, Bear Stearns

'If you are a donor to charity or if you advise donors, you must have this book. You'll learn more than most experts know, and you'll be empowered to have far more impact than you'd ever have thought possible.'
- Mark Victor Hansen
Cocreator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul
Coauthor, The One Minute Millionaire

'This book is a great guide for those interested . . . in charitable foundations. Every donor should study it.'
- Vernon Smith
2002 Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

'This guide provides just the right information to help you create and effectively manage your foundation--and does so in an interesting and very readable way. The authors have clearly been listening to their clients and do an excellent job of anticipating the questions you will have about your foundation. They share their breadth of experience and have organized the information to be most helpful. You will refer to this book over and over again as an important resource for your philanthropic giving.'
- Charlie Haines, CFP
President, Charles D. Haines, LLC

'This comprehensive and compelling guide effectively describes why and how a grants-making foundation can be an extremely helpful vehicle for donors who want to make a unique and lasting difference.'
- Gordon Gund
Chairman, The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

1 Philanthropy 101: The Basics of Charitable Giving 1

2 Powers of Deduction: Tax Advantages of Private Foundations 23

3 Advanced Planning: Combining Foundations with Charitable Lead Trusts and Charitable Remainder Trusts 35

4 A Family Enterprise: Foundations and Children 45

5 Carpe Diem: Set Up a Foundation While You're Still Alive 53

6 Effective Foundations: The Business of Philanthropy 65

7 The Endowment: Developing an AppropriateFoundation Investment Policy 99

8 Developing and Implementing a Foundation Asset Allocation Policy 109

9 Compliance: The Legal Do's and Don'ts 127

10 Other Planned Giving Vehicles 139

11 For Advisers: Building Client Assets with Private Foundations 151

12 How to Select a Foundation Manager 161

13 What Can You Donate to Charity? 171

Conclusion 185

Resources 187

Index 195
Imagine all you'd like to accomplish with your philanthropy. Nowpicture a large portion of your resources never reaching theirintended use due to poor strategies, mismanagement, or unnecessarytaxes.

Today the opportunities in the philanthropic sector are greater andmore varied than ever. Private foundations, which offer severalestate and tax-planning advantages as well as unparalleled donorcontrol, have become the vehicle of choice for more than sixtythousand individuals and families--and may be ideal foryou.

Creating a Private Foundation introduces the issues you needto understand and gives the big picture on how foundations work. Ittells you exactly what is involved for you, for the causes you careabout, for your finances and taxes, and for your heirs.

Chapters address the practicalities as well as the implications offounding, funding, organizing, and operating an effectivefoundation, including growing its endowment, allocating its assets, and selecting professional foundation management help. Roger Silk, James Lintott, and their colleagues, leaders in the foundationconsulting arena, have pooled their wisdom in this comprehensiveguide for donors and your advisers. If you're looking to makea difference, there is no better guide.
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