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This book embodies an effort to look somewhat closely into a subject which, since the introduction of steam as a means of transit, has acquired considerable importance in the law. An attempt has been made to collect and cite all cases bearing on the subject, except a few which pertain exclusively to State regulation of fares, a subject which belongs to carriers of goods and warehousemen as well as to carriers of passengers. The plan of this work is the same as that of the authors work on 'Negligence, ' and the table of cases embraces a concordance of citations constructed on the same plan. The notes are designed to contain a complete treatise on the law of carriers of passengers, and the select cases printed at the head of each chapter are used merely as a text introducing the notes. The book is thus designed to give the practitioner the advantage of a number of leading cases, combined with a treatise, upon a considerable title of the law. In constructing the notes, fine writing has not been aimed at, but a constant effort has been made to attain substantial accuracy. If the practitioner shall find in this volume any aid to his labors, it is desired that he should accord a large share of the credit to Mr. Edwin G. Merriam, to whose analytical skill and painstaking industry its completion in its present form is largely due. It is also a pleasure to state that Mr. Frank W. Peebles and Mr. William L. Murfree, Jr., who assisted the author in his previous work, have rendered valuable assistance upon this.
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'The Law of Carriers of Passengers' by Seymour D. Thompson is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle.

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