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I. Introduction: Just War Theory and the Challenges It Faces. II. Some Theoretical Background: 1. William Murnion; A Postmodern View of Just War. 2. David Duquette; From Rights to Realism: Incoherence in Walzer’s Conception of Jus in Bello. 3. Patrick Hubbard; A Realist Response to Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars. III. Intervention. 4. Rex Martin; Walzer and Rawls on Just Wars and Humanitarian Interventions. 5. Helen Stacy; Humanitarian Intervention and Relational Sovereignty. 6. Eugene Dais; Just War Theory Post 9/11: Perfect Terrorism and Superpower Defense. 7. Steven Lee; Preventive Intervention. IV. Terrorism. 8. Allen Weiner; Law, Just War, and the International Fight Against Terrorism: Is It War? 9. Jonathan Schonsheck; Determining Moral Rectitude in Thwarting Suicide Terrorist Attacks: Moral Terra Incognita. 10. Stephen Nathanson; Terrorism and the Ethics of War. 11. Alistair Macleod; The War Against Terrorism and the ‘War’ Against Terrorism. 12. Win-chiat Lee; Terrorism and Universal Jurisdiction. V. Torture. 13. Ken Himma; Assessing the Prohibition against Torture. 14. David Luban; Liberalism, Torture, and the Ticking Bomb. 15. Deirdre Golash; Torture and Self-Defense. 16. Larry May; Humanity, Prisoners of War, and Torture. 17. Sally Scholz; War Rape’s Challenge to Just War Theory. 18. Ken Kipnis; Prisons, POW Camps, and Interrogation Centers: Reflections on the Juridic Status of Detainees. VI. The Impact of Technology.Richard De George; Jus in Bello, Non-Combatant Immunity, and Contemporary Warfare.
edited by Steven P. Lee

This book asks whether just war theory and its rules for determining when war is justified remains adequate to the challenges posed by contemporary developments. Some argue that the nature of contemporary war makes these rules obsolete. By carefully examining the phenomena of intervention, terrorism, and torture from a number of different perspectives, the essays in this book explore this complex set of issues with insight and clarity.

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