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Acknowledgements. Sources. Introduction. Note to Readers. Part I: Identifying the Concept of Intrinsic Value. 1. R.M. Chisholm; Intrinsic Value. 2. E. Bodanszky, E. Conee; Isolating Intrinsic Value. 3. R.M. Chisholm; Defining Intrinsic Value. 4. N.M. Lemos; The Concept of Intrinsic Value. 5. J. Dancy; Should We Pass the Buck? 6. F. Feldman; Hyperventilating about Intrinsic Value. Part II: Doubts about the Concept of Intrinsic Value. 7. M. Beardsley; Intrinsic Value. 8. C.M. Korsgaard; Two Distinctions in Goodness. 9. S. Kagan; Rethinking Intrinsic Value. 10. W. Rabinowicz, T. Rønnow-Rasmussen; A Distinction in Value: Intrinsic and For Its Own Sake. 11. J.J. Thomson; The Right and the Good. 12. M.J. Zimmerman; Defending the Concept of Intrinsic Value. Part III: The Bearers of Intrinsic Value. 13. R. M. Chisholm; Objectives and Intrinsic Value. 14. N.M. Lemos; The Bearers of Intrinsic Value. 15. M.J. Zimmerman; Intrinsic Value and Individual Worth. 16. T. Tännsjö; A Concrete View of Intrinsic Value. 17. W. Rabinowicz, T. Rønnow-Rasmussen; Tropic of Value. Part IV: The Logic of Intrinsic Value. 18. R.M. Chisholm; The Intrinsic Value in Disjunctive States of Affairs. 19. P.L. Quinn; Improved Foundations for a Logic of Intrinsic Value. 20. S. Rachels;Counterexamples to the Transitivity of ‘Better Than’. 21. K. Binmore, A. Voorhoeve; Defending Transitivity against Zeno’s Paradox. 22. E. Carlson; Intransitivity without Zeno’s Paradox. Part V: The Computation of Intrinsic Value. 23. N. Feit; The Structure of Higher Goods. 24. G. Arrhenius; Superiority in Value. 25. R.M. Chisholm; Organic Unities. 26. N.M. Lemos; Chisholm’s Definition of Organic Unity. 27. J. Dancy; The Particularist’s Progress. 28. G.H. Harman; Toward a Theory of Intrinsic Value. 29. E. Carlson; The Intrinsic Value of Non-Basic States of Affairs. 30. S. Danielsson; Harman’s Equation and Non-Basic Intrinsic Value. 31. F. Feldman; Basic Intrinsic Value. 32. M.J. Zimmerman; Virtual Intrinsic Value and the Principle of Organic Unities. Bibliography.
edited by Toni Rønnow-Rasmussen & Michael J. Zimmerman
Recent Work on Intrinsic Value brings together for the first time many of the most important and influential writings on the topic of intrinsic value to have appeared in the last half-century. During this period, inquiry into the nature of intrinsic value has intensified to such an extent that at the moment it is one of the hottest topics in the field of theoretical ethics. The contributions to this volume have been selected in such a way that all of the fundamental questions concerning the nature of intrinsic value are treated in depth and from a variety of viewpoints. These questions include how to understand the concept of intrinsic value, what sorts of things can have intrinsic value, and how to compute intrinsic value. The editors have added an introduction that ties these questions together and places the contributions in context, and they have also provided an extensive bibliography. The result is a comprehensive, balanced, and detailed picture of current thinking about intrinsic value, one that provides an indispensable backdrop against which future writings on the topic may be assessed.
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