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By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D. (*)
CH. #1 Background to Sustainable Development
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D. (*)

CH. #2: Global Warming and Climate Change: Community Cases Toward Solutions
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D.

Issues of Global Warming/Climate Change
Think Globally and Act Locally: communities
Flex Your Power
Work and Commuting / Mass Transit
Examples: Change light bulbs; recycling, paper for plastic bags

CH. #3: Government: the Civic-Market driver toward Sustainable College Communities
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D. and Lawrence Eisenberg, ME, MA (*)
CH #4: 'Dos Lagos', Corona, CA
By Ali Sahabi, MB Real Estate and Les Hamisaki, AIA (*)

CH #5: The City of Portland, OR
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3

CH #6: Sustainable Community: The Town of Frederikshavn, Denmark
By Henrik Lund, Ph.D. (*)

CH #7: Dongtan (Shanghai), People Republic of China
By Steve Done, ME (*)

PART II: The Tools for Sustainable Development
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D. (*)
CH. #8: Engineering and Science
By Tony Fairclough ME (*)
CH #9: Economics / Accounting: Life Cycle Analysis and Externalities
By Tom Pastore CPA, Maria Ignatova and Jules Bouhrand (*)

CH. #10: Environment (Ecology and Pollution)
By ???? USGBC / LEED Neighborhood
CH. #11: Legal contracts and Power Purchase Agreements
By Doug Yeoman, Esq. (*)

CH. #12: Corporate Governance and Responsibility
By Istemi Demirag, Ph.D. CPA and WWC
Environ Reports
CH. #13: Conclusions: the next generation and beyond
By Woodrow W. Clark II, MA3, Ph.D. (*)
Conclusions from thecases and tools for sustainable development
Expanded from example.

APPENDIX A: Sustainable Development
Chart showing how natural resources are all intertwined and integrated. Combined with infrastructure for sustainable communities and links between them.

APPENDIX B: Greenhouse Gas Analysis
LA Community College District
Summary of Data
July 07

APPENDIX C: Demand Side Management
Example of actual data from central plant.

APPENDIX D: References and Web Site Data Sources
Data and Materials: The Case of Avalon: An Eco-Science Park
By Glenn Rambach, Skip Staats and Valerie Kausen (*)
APPENDIX E: Data from the Private Sector: entrepreneurial opportunities and new ventures
edited by Woodrow W. Clark II
This book would not have been possible without the dedication and commitment of each of the chapter authors. For some authors, writing a chapter was beyond their “9–5” job, and this book re?ects their commitment to sustainability at the local level for their communities. To every chapter author and their staff, friends, and families, thank you. This dynamic and paradigm-changing volume on the topic of sustainable development is focused on communities such as cities, schools, and colleges where the future of our families and children are most at risk. We must act today as each of the chapters represents in their presentations. This book marks a new era: the Third Industrial Revolution. The new age of the Third Industrial Revolution has been labeled by some as the “green era” or “green economy, ” but it had already started around the world, especially in Europe and Japan, for over a decade – since the end of the 20th c- tury. More signi?cantly, the book highlights people and communities who have a shared concern and vision along with the will and determination to enact programs and polices that make sustainable development real – not just political rhetoric or “branding” or even the current “buzz word” for obtaining funds and grants. The book presents “The Sequel to an Inconvenient Truth” – actual examples of how c- munities can and have changed in order to mitigate climate change. Again, thanks to everyone and their colleagues.
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