He Nianci 
September 1st Anxiety Disorder 

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Portada de He Nianci: September 1st Anxiety Disorder (ePUB)

On the eve of the school opening day, the society seems to be covered with a layer of grey fog. Countless parents, teachers and students are ready to return to the battlefield of school and carry the heavy loads again with heavy hearts.Once upon a time, going to school was the most exciting time for children to look forward to and enjoy; parents were relieved to make their children educated by school; teachers were also able to concentrate on their ambitions. Today, it seems like a hard and unprofitable job and nightmare. Children’s youthful vitality and lively sense of life are eroded in the 20 years of study, examinations and exercise papers… In modern society, how can we regain the happy school days? Starting from this book, let’s find the most precious smiles bit by bit.
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