Igor Chueshov & Irena Lasiecka 
Von Karman Evolution Equations 
Well-posedness and Long Time Dynamics

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Portada de Igor Chueshov & Irena Lasiecka: Von Karman Evolution Equations (PDF)
In the study of mathematical models that arise in the context of concrete – plications, the following two questions are of fundamental importance: (i) we- posedness of the model, including existence and uniqueness of solutions; and (ii) qualitative properties of solutions. A positive answer to the ?rst question, – ing of prime interest on purely mathematical grounds, also provides an important test of the viability of the model as a description of a given physical phenomenon. An answer or insight to the second question provides a wealth of information about the model, hence about the process it describes. Of particular interest are questions related to long-time behavior of solutions. Such an evolution property cannot be v- i?ed empirically, thus any in a-priori information about the long-time asymptotics can be used in predicting an ultimate long-time response and dynamical behavior of solutions. In recent years, this set of investigations has attracted a great deal of attention. Consequent efforts have then resulted in the creation and infusion of new methods and new tools that have been responsible for carrying out a successful an- ysis of long-time behavior of several classes of nonlinear PDEs.
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Well-Posedness.- Preliminaries.- Evolutionary Equations.- Von Karman Models with Rotational Forces.- Von Karman Equations Without Rotational Inertia.- Thermoelastic Plates.- Structural Acoustic Problems and Plates in a Potential Flow of Gas.- Long-Time Dynamics.- Attractors for Evolutionary Equations.- Long-Time Behavior of Second-Order Abstract Equations.- Plates with Internal Damping.- Plates with Boundary Damping.- Thermoelasticity.- Composite Wave–Plate Systems.- Inertial Manifolds for von Karman Plate Equations.
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