Liu Cixin 
Cannon of the Earth 

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Portada de Liu Cixin: Cannon of the Earth (ePUB)

The human starts to cast their eyes on the south pole due to the exhausted resources and deteriorated environment. The rising two powers in the South Africa have acquired their headship in the political pattern, and the Treaty of South Pole has become void and null. The humans have a triumph with their intellects as they start to thoroughly eliminate the nuclear weapons. However, the realization of denuclearization means the start of another disaster.
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Idioma Chino ● Formato EPUB ● ISBN 9787999035107 ● Editorial CNPeReading ● Publicado 2014 ● Descargable 3 veces ● Divisa EUR ● ID 6931838 ● Protección de copia Adobe DRM
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