Thomas Widlok & M. Dores Cruz 
Scale Matters 
The Quality of Quantity in Human Culture and Sociality

Scale matters. When conducting research and writing, scholars upscale and downscale. So do the subjects of their work – we scale, they scale. Although scaling is an integrant part of research, we rarely reflect on scaling as a practice and what happens when we engage with it in scholarly work. The contributors aim to change this: they explore the pitfalls and potentials of scaling in an interdisciplinary dialogue. The volume brings together scholars from diverse fields, working on different geographical areas and time periods, to engage with scale-conscious questions regarding human sociality, culture, and evolution.
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Thomas Widlok is a professor of cultural anthropology of Africa at Universität zu Köln. He completed his MSc and PhD at London School of Economics and Political Science and was member of the CRC »Our way to Europe« at Universität zu Köln. He is a specialist in hunter-gatherer studies.
M. Dores Cruz graduated from Binghamton University (SUNY) with a Ph.D. in anthropology. She is currently a lecturer at the Institute for African Studies and Egyptology, Universität zu Köln, and specializes on African historical archaeology, landscape anthropology, and colonialism.
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