Timothy Harley 
Moon Lore 

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Portada de Timothy Harley: Moon Lore (ePUB)

This classic compendium of lunar literature covers moon mythology, worship, superstitions and is of great interest to cultural scholars and mythologists alike.

For Man the moon has always exerted a magic and madness. This madness and magic has paid off in the Apollo accomplishments. And still man continues to dream of new worlds to conquer. After the moon, what? Will it be Mars and Venus? While the earth is getting smaller, our universe is growing by leaps and space ships.

What could be more timely than a book about the moon!
Moon Lore, set the stage for the recent lunar landing almost 100 years ago with its scientific observations such as the one which saw ‘the surface of the satellite scooped into deep valleys, or spread over with vast walled plains from 130 to 140 miles across. But this timely book according to its author has no pretensions to scientific merit; in fact, he calls it ‘a compendium of lunar literature in its least scientific branches.’ He does say, however, that his work ‘is a contribution to light literature, and to the literature of light.

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