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Wang Wei 
Su Dongpo of Various Styles 

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Couverture du Wang Wei: Su Dongpo of Various Styles (ePUB)

This book tells interesting stories of Su Dongpo, an ancient genius, in a relaxed style. It enables people to experience the sudden insight of bell tone at night and sweet dream in the garden, and a kind of plain after washing out all the attachments. For readers, after reading this book, they can understand the colorful life of Su Dongpo as if an old man in the neighborhood and obtain very abundant spiritual food from him. All these form such lovely and great Su Dongpo and "encyclopedic" Su Dongpo that has been immortal in the minds of the people for thousands of years.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9789575795825 ● Maison d’édition CNPeReading ● Publié 2018 ● Téléchargeable 3 fois ● Devise EUR ● ID 7109162 ● Protection contre la copie Adobe DRM
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