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Xu Deyuan & Xu Xiongbin 
How is and How to Perform Oral History 

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Couverture du Xu Deyuan & Xu Xiongbin: How is and How to Perform Oral History (ePUB)

Oral history is helpful for ordinary people to write history, to show the plurality of historical narrative, to give history a vivid human atmosphere, and to deepen understanding of the characteristics of human thinking and narrative style.Contemporary oral history in China rescues and creates fresh historical materials, makes up for the shortcomings and limitations of literature history, and provides the possibility of restoring historical truth.
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9787516624241 ● Maison d’édition CNPeReading ● Publié 2016 ● Téléchargeable 3 fois ● Devise EUR ● ID 6921358 ● Protection contre la copie Adobe DRM
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