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Emma Dark & Nicholas Kennedy 
And So The Thunder Comes 

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का आवरण Emma Dark & Nicholas Kennedy: And So The Thunder Comes (ePUB)

Lubeck is a powerful Norseman who is innocently fishing when his ship is attacked and he is left injured. After he is pulled aboard a slave vessel, Lubeck pledges not to die chained to an oar, but instead to break free and find his son before he stands with his forefathers in Valhalla. After Lubeck and his shipmates manage to orchestrate an escape that washes them straight into the ocean and eventually onto a beach, Lubeck and his loyal companion, Thorsten, transform the former galley slaves into a formidable army. As they embark on a dangerous quest to rescue and recover their loved ones and to plot revenge against their slavers, Lubeck leads his Gurlemeck warriors from northern Viking territories to the equatorial tropics and through numerous battles. But when they are unwittingly drawn into a deceitful and traitorous power struggle that tests their abilities, courage, and determination, now only time will tell if they will persevere and complete their mission or die trying. In this heroic fantasy adventure, a band of escaped slaves set out on a perilous journey to find their
families and seek justice for their captors.

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Nicholas (Nick) Kennedy is a Royal Navy veteran, trained aircraft mechanic, and former maintenance diver who enjoys rugby, athletics, and bodybuilding. After his naval career led him from northeast England to Cornwall, he later relocated to Yeovil, Somerset, where he eventually met his now fiancé, Emma. Emma Dark was born and raised in Birmingham, England, before moving to Yeovil, Somerset, in 1997. Her passion for reading and her creative interests kindled the desire to produce her own work. After meeting Nick in 2014, she happily coupled her romantic disposition with his colorful imagination to collaborate and produce their first novel.
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