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Johanna Spyri 
Her Years of Wandering and Learning

Heidi is a girl who has been raised by her aunt Detie in Maienfeld, Switzerland after the early deaths of her parents, Tobias and Adelheid (Detie’s sister and brother-in-law). Detie brings 6-year-old Heidi to her paternal grandfather’s house, up the mountain from Dörfli. He has been at odds with the villagers and embittered against God for years and lives in seclusion on the alm. This has earned him the nickname Alm-Uncle. He briefly resents Heidi’s arrival, but the girl’s evident intelligence and cheerful yet unaffected demeanor soon earn his genuine, if reserved, affection
भुगतान की विधि
भाषा अंग्रेज़ी ● स्वरूप EPUB ● पेज 206 ● ISBN 9783961120826 ● फाइल का आकार 0.4 MB ● प्रकाशक Re-Image Publishing ● शहर Vachendorf ● देश DE ● प्रकाशित 2016 ● डाउनलोड करने योग्य 24 महीने ● मुद्रा EUR ● आईडी 5256601 ● कॉपी सुरक्षा के बिना

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