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Katherine Creighton 
THE ELVES OF MOUNT FERN – The Adventures of elves, fairies and pixies of Mount Fern 

The Elves of Mount Fern live in Elfland. But Elfland is not a single place. It is everywhere and can be found in every corner of the world, under every mushroom un every burrow and in every tree with a crack in its trunk, but especially in woodland, forests and glades.
They also make their homes on wooded hill sides or beside tinkling streams. In the dead of night, when the moon is full and it’s human inhabitants are visiting Dreamland, they venture forth from their dwellings and can be found dancing in the fairy circle or visiting the households of poor, but kind and deserving folk. Whatever they are doing, they will sing and dance their way through the night, but at the first hint of dawn, will scurry back to their hidden homes as fast as their legs, or wings, will take them.

So, if in the morning when you awake, don’t be surprised if you can only find one shoe, or if your towel has small grubby hand prints, or even if the kitchen utensils are all mixed up. Just smile and know that the little people visited last night.

This volume is sure to keep you and your young ones enchanted for hours, if not because of the quantity, then their quality. They will have you coming back for more, time and again.
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