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Nicole Brierre 
Chanterelle Finds a Family 

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का आवरण Nicole Brierre: Chanterelle Finds a Family (ePUB)
Chanterelle Finds a Family is an original story for children. In the Northeastern woodlands lives a carefree, independent puppy. During the day she plays with her friends Porcupine and the Beaver family, but at night she often wonders what it would be like if she had a family. One day she finds a human family hiking in the woods and secretly follows them. When an accident causes the puppy harm, will the family come to her aid? Has the puppy found a family of her own?
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स्वरूप EPUB ● पेज 40 ● ISBN 9781910394588 ● प्रकाशक New Generation Publishing ● डाउनलोड करने योग्य 3 बार ● मुद्रा EUR ● आईडी 6639026 ● कॉपी सुरक्षा Adobe DRM
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